IT'S HARVEST TIME!✂️ – First Time Growing Weed at Home

HIGH FRIENDS! Today we FINALLY harvest our first ever indoor weed grow at home!! We’ve had a lot of fun growing cannabis for the first time, learned A LOT, …


  1. I watched this video and you guys are like yo it's our first gorw and got like half an OZ or whatever off this and I was like cool. then I see a video you guys posted a year later where you're harvesting 3 acres of weed? LOL idk about your channel but that's a funny video to video transition

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  3. curing doesn't 'build up the thc'. curing allows the sugars (chlorophyll) in the plant time to break down, giving your smoke a smoother flavor/taste. you can leave your buds in a mason jar for 60 years and it isn't going to go from, say, 13% thc to 25% thc. you want more potent buds? grow better plants.

  4. Hi high couple I was wondering is you guys had an Instagram or snapchat so I can talk to you guys and get tips I'll be starting my growing in a few months and I would like to share my growing with you guys

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