Jerma's CBD Stream – Jerma Streams The Chronicles of Riddick: EfBB and Fall Guys (Long Edit #2)

From Jerma’s The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay and Fall Guys stream (8/12/2020): (The Chronicles of Riddick: …


  1. The way he focused the lights so much reminded me of the darkness for Xbox 360. I wish he’d play that game I grew up on it even tho it’s shorter. Feel like it’d make an awesome stream

  2. I watched the entire vods for Riddick the week he streamed it and it was somehow hours of pain where jerma got lost in the same place for hours on end but it was somehow so entertaining I couldn't help but watch the entirety of them.

  3. wait, did jeremy's doctors get him on cbd, because… that joke seems to be coming up a lot

    and it better fuckin be a joke because i wanna know our sweet boy has real doctors working on him…

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