Kamala Harris Suddenly Changes Her Mind on COVID-19 Vaccine After Doubting It Before Election

After sowing doubt about the COVID-19 vaccine during the lead-up to the election, Kamala Harris seems to have changed her mind and got the COVID-19 …


  1. Just wait when all these people get their second round of vaccines. That's when the underreported problems mostly happen– the ones not being recorded by the vaccine companies

  2. I am coming in a little late to this video but I am seeing a disappearing needle. Anyone else notice this? After the nurse takes it out theres no needle where did it go? You can clearly see it when she first takes the cap off but after she goes to flip the secondary cap over you can't see a needle. I have noticed this in other live vaccines as well either the plunger doesn't move or the needle disappears.

  3. Pay attention to the arm rest on the same side she got the jab, when the needle is removed. What's the nurse doing there to the syringe? Unbending it?
    Something ain't right I tell ya!🤨🤫

  4. Where did she get her medical degree?
    NOTICE: She took the syringe out before placing the cotton over injection! You put cotton over the injection, slide the needle out, and gently apply pressure. If the needle is taken out how this nurse did, there would be blood pouring down her arm!
    Also, EVERYONE who have gotten a needle injected into their arm should know that you have to lay your arm down, relaxing the muscles… Holding it up the way she was make them tense up! A nurse always says "relax your arm" before every attempt, regardless. Hmm🤔

  5. So disingenuous. Who asks "may I sanitize your arm"? And that phoney small talk from Kamala… 'You guys do such great work here'… STFU you have no idea what they do there. You're just here for a photo OP & fake vaccine shot. Keep an eye in the nurse who administered the shot. At the and she folds up the needle? Yea since when do needles need to be folded up like that @ 1:16. Total garbage, from the shot to Kamala and her fake laugh…

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