Largest Medical Marijuana Grow in Illinois – Revolution Cannabis, Tim McGraw – Smokers Guide TV USA

– Revolution Enterprises is the largest cultivator of medical cannabis in the State of …


  1. Illinois is ripping it's patience off! Overpriced product!!! That being said, Illinois made 4.4 MILLION dollars last MONTH! But yet they're to dumb to lower prices and legalize it recreational for a state that is in desperate need of money!! And let's not go there on the price it cost to even get a medical card! Man Illinois is so good at fucking it's people!

  2. For the past 20+ years illinois locked people up for selling nug, ..good ass people.but they can do it and not get in trouble??!! Assholes!!! ..and there is top shelf stuff in illinois like exotic bud just ask around…

  3. and IL tell you when I eat cannabis after its decarboxilated I can feel my feet they are usually numb and cold from poor circulation and neuropathy and using cannabis in all forms help with the pain

  4. I'm a medical patient in Illinois I gotta say revolution puts out a great product I love the kush one but paranoia from my understanding is the strains that are very high n the n low in or no other cannabinoids but anyway keep up the great work.

  5. Do you have a version of this videos in spanish? We need this arguments to propose new politics and agruments in a mexican congress about legalization of medical and recreational cannabis. Great info. Well, this politician don't speak english, you now, is a really ignorant people. Congratulations.

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