Male Cannabis Plants

High Everyone, Check out my video on male cannabis plants! If you want to ask me questions, I hang out at my new Marijuana Growing …


  1. Wow!!!! Thanks so much for the great video! I had no idea how much pollen comes out of just one male pollen sack!!! Kind of scary for me at the moment cause I'm dealing with some hermaphroditeism myself from my biggest female! Very disappointing but hopefully not to many, I dont think…or atleast hope not! Never seen the or heard about the cloud of pollen that comes all the way over from Africa! So crazy and amazing just what these awesome plants can do!!! Awesome video!!!👍✌! I dont think I'll ever forget that story or the male pollen demonstration, VERY interesting to say the least!!! Thanks again brother and happy growing to you!!!👌👍🌳🌳🌳✌

  2. in the real world cannibis is ileagle so we gota take what we get i have 2 plants one is male not sure about the other they get stuff all sun light and are pissing around, im not pulling out male plant its the one growing , the other one is really slow, can you get stoned by smoking male plant, do you smoke the polen , questions need answering cover all bases

  3. Has anyone heard of getting seeds of a male plant after it used up all its pollen, after my plant used up all its pollen I transplanted it to the ground and a few weeks later it had black sacks on it with where seeds

  4. I found that the male goes to flower before the females mostly. I will collect some pollan on a snap seal bag, then remove the male. When the female os fully in flower I will pit the bad over one or 2 head, close the bad around the stem and give a light shake. Then carefully remove the bag. That will only fertilise one head. Enough for a few hundred seeds.

  5. Jorge as soon as I identify males I segregate them. Then after selecting the chosen sires assuming I am letting some go to seed I allow that one to mature enough to gather up some pollen into a dry vial or bag. That goes into the deep freezer to wait for when my chosen females are mature several months later; especially as I am usually selecting males for earliness among other things. Then I take the pollen out of freezer and apply it directly to a few lower branches, (I don't waste a whole plant for a bit of seed) and that has always worked for me, giving perfect pollination results. I usually put the pollen into a paper bag and put that over the bud to control spill, give it a shake and then remove carefully. Cheers from Oz.

  6. Parts of the Brain Highly Affected
    The THC in marijuana attaches to naturally produced cannabinoid receptors in the brain and changes how these receptors process information. The natural regulating mechanisms become blocked and produce an overflow of chemicals, causing the disruptions of regular brain functioning. Areas highly affected by the drug include the cerebellum and basal ganglia. These areas are responsible for movement, coordination, balance and body control. The cognitive system, including the hippocampus and cerebral cortex, are areas responsible for learning, memory and thinking. Cognitive functions are overloaded by THC during marijuana use and create lapses in thought process, time delay and loss of memory. Research further indicates that there are long-term affects to these areas of the brain when marijuana is used on a regular basis over time.
    Parts of the Brain Moderately Affected
    Marijuana use alters emotions, response time, arousal and perceptions of pain. Depending on quantity used, the THC can modify the hypothalamus' ability to regulate body functions such as temperature and reproductive function. The amygdala is the brain region responsible for emotional response; when someone is intoxicated on marijuana, this area of the brain tends to slow or blunted reactions to situations that might normally produce fear or excitability.

    Pain receptors in the brain are also changed with marijuana use. In many cases, this could be perceived as a positive function of marijuana, however, it could also be unhealthy as the body will not respond to pain as it should in order to withdraw from the pain- stimulating source.

  7. you can tell way before the male flowers start to form by observing the branches as they come off the main stem. males will always (unless unisex) have 2 branches coming off the main stem, opposing each other at each elevation. , each elevation is 90° off the last one. when looking down a male plant at its canopy, its overall shape will be square. both males and females start off looking like males. this is about the time of the year why the females start to show their characteristics. their branches come off at different elevations. if the first one is coming out to the south, the next one should be an inch and a half or more higher up the stem coming out to the north. then next elevation goes east then west , eventually they're staggered pretty good so that the stem has a helical look like DNA and when you look down on the canopy's overall shape, it will be round and a bit smaller than the male. the staggered branches give the female optimum access for each pistol to receive pollen and be proliferative. if your plant doesn't have staggering branches by now (considering you started on or about 3.20 and now being about 6.1) you can top it down to the bottom 4 or 6 branches and observe the branches on each of those remaining branches as if they are each individual plants. the odds are 50/50 that each of those remaining lower 4 or 6 branches will turn female. its a survival mechanism built into these magnificent beasts. speaking of beasts, wanna see it turn into the hulk in like 15 min? reply and ill reveal …

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