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  1. there are many reasons why Marijuana should be legalized. in no particular order
    1) it will keep people out of jail that shouldn't be there in the first place
    2) its never killed anyone (and by killed i mean though OD)
    3) it will actually help the economy
    4) pretty sure no one has beat on someone else while High (unlike alcohol)
    im sure theres something else im forgetting for being pro Marijuana but im sure people can add to this list.

  2. You don't earn benefits even if you're illegal like my parents were they paid taxes but couldn't earn any rights or any benefits. They got rejected to come into this country, and it was becoming more dangerous in the area my parents were living, they only wanted what was best for us. Because it's corrupt and drugs and corruption drive that country duh duh it's not as easy in the U.S

  3. It's illegal for a number of reasons. First, my grandparents came to this country legally. They earned the right for me to grow up with food and education. Sneaking into a country should NOT earn you benefits. Especially when there are tons of immigrants waiting to get into this country the legal way. If their country is such a terrible place, why don't they spend their effort fixing it, instead of hopping a boarder and leeching off us? I understand why they do it, I do not condone it though.

  4. It was hard before and more and more people face racism. Yes most Hispanics like a part of my family don't obey the law but hey why is it illegal for your children to have a better future so they can have a better education and possibly not fight hunger

  5. weed will be some what like alcohol. because when it is legalized for recreational use. i'm pretty sure you don't want a high bus driver or even worse a crane operator. i dont smoke it but i do support it

  6. If weed is going to be illegal, alcohol and tobacco should be illegal to because how does it make any sense to let people get drunk and run over people in their car, but not let them smoke a drug that just gives you the munchies. Legalize weed folks. Legalize that shit

  7. Yes I know it's hard, but it's just as hard for all those people who are obeying the laws to get in here. When people hop the boarder to get in here it makes it even harder for the people who want to get in legally.

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