For more info go to: To lollipop your plants cut the lower branches off during the vegetative growth phase. Indoors the …


  1. I like to keep all that stuff all the crystals that grow on it as it's Budden perfect for oil just make sure you ain't got no mold I find it doesn't affect the top Bud size whatsoever and you get lots of oil out of that stuff

  2. Wtf bro? Why are you handing this info out? Are you a cop tryna make everyone kill their plants?


    Do NOT cut your plant up like this. Lollipopping is good to do BUT, you do not cut 50% of the plants physical matter, off in one session. You worry about topping? But not cutting half of it off? This will stress it out. Way to much. You should be cutting the lower branches off one at a time giving maybe 2 or 3 days between branch cuts, this will ensure the plant is not tormented enough to provide energy to these locations individually, if you cut multiple branches at one time, it has to focus on healing all thoughs areas at one time, in a time of torture to the, and also fight off any bacteria or disease it can likely come from doing this.

    Also with the lower leafs dont cut them untill they start to yellow or look old n buggered. Because its the FAN leafs that actually utilize the process of photosynthesis more than anywhere else on the plant, it needs thoughs leafs more than any others, they also act as storage for nutrients the roots have provided to the plant. Excess nutrients that is, and plant fats ect in the leafs.

    From a laymen point, cut only 1 branch every few days, they dont grow back, take your time, let it heal a bit in between cuts, it also insure you dont hit a major growth stunt for a while, doing it slowly you may not even see any slow down in growth. If you wana grow good dope though, the only "Cutting" you should do is "TOPPING". or tipping, as some refer

  3. U cut all that of ur plant yah it looks nicer i could c utting maye the thinest stem clones of the plant but now it looks bald idk just my opinion and im new to growing anyway so just my opinion

  4. Not sure in autoflowers to do it this time, they are at this stage…I feel depending ofThe strain I have checked sometimes you loose weight, some you win. Right now I got Pineapple Express auto, northern lights autos and cookies with some low flowers. They look like yours more or less. Probably I should cut them while they soft. Any opinion to prune this autos…? Thanks.

  5. You do NOT want to cut your branches flush with the stalk. Any infection will immediately go into the stalk. Cut your branches leaving at least 1/4" stem ,so, that if it becomes infected for any reason, it will stop, or you can cut it off before it starts invading into the stalk.

  6. please watch my video on my YouTube chanel "giggle smoke" I am a first time grower only using what I learned from you tube videos and comments please help with any info you can give with my grow.

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