New Jersey Cannabis Legalization Deal IMPLODES? 🤷‍♂️

New Jersey Cannabis Legalization Deal IMPLODES? 🤷‍♂️ …. I think it’ll be okay …. Hopefully! Shoutout to Marijuana Moment and Ganjapreneur! Two great …


  1. Their should be no laws regarding the growing or use of cannabis in a safe environment. The laws on growth should be the same as laws on growing a household fruit like tomatoes. However people who are clearly intoxicated based on actions not smells or eye color while driving should be punished in some manner. Cannabis also should be sold based on quality.

  2. Holy hell. How has no state done what is to be done. How can New Jersey say you can have but can not grow cannabis. This is stupid. Cannabis legalization should work like this. . . Cannabis is now legal. . . Be responsible. Cannabis laws should not be regulated based on waight amount, or age of users, But as all laws should be inforced. Tickets should be given to reckless drivers and to people who are harming or potentially harming others. It is a parents responsibility to punish and warn their children of potential risks. Any good parent wants what is best for their child. Here is the perfect layout for destroying the "illegal market". Legalizing cannanis now for only adults is legalizing cannabis for all the little children tomorrow, but is that really all that bad. Look at the world how it is not how you want it to be the leaves of the tree of life are for the healing of the nation.

  3. It's quite obvious that Murphy is absolutely right on this matter. No penalty for underaged kids is, in fact, making it 100% legal for them. Only a nut would think that is ok. Bravo Murphy. Listen – it doesn't have to be a monetary fine – why not give these underaged kids community service or something like that?

  4. Like I said before they are going to stretch this out as far as possible…..NY is going to be worse once we even get the chance to have a vote on it. What’s so hard to match the rules with the true drug “alcohol” 😒

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