Nutrients For Cannabis plants are WORTHLESS?

Just open your mind and listen to the info. Your garden will thank you.


  1. Dude never once did you say how much nutes your soil is already packed with, or what your using for soil. DO NOT FEED YOUR PLANTS THAT AMOUNT OF FOOD .. just saying close to end of flower ppm should be 1000-1700ppm. Your right on p.h but not ppm

  2. Nice Grow!! I Can't wait to see if I get the same results. I'm going to give it a whirl, I have been messing this up for 2 years now. My plants are either dying in flower turning yellow. or they are turning purple in veg I can seem to resolve the problem before I send it to flower….. THANKS FOR THE TIP!! :')

  3. So I am needing to how to use plant nutrients. From what it sounds like, with 5 products and max 500 ppm per month, you would use 100 ppm per product for a combined total of 500 ppm? How to you calculate ppm from the chart on the back of, for example, the cal mag and sweet grape? I needs very thorough breakdown of how all this works.

  4. Tell me if you can , the big grow ops only care about profit , my question is i can smoke store bought organic weed and it,s a normal high , very enjoyable , i smoke the other stuff and most strains are ok , little more jittery type of buzz , just bought a oz for 120 tweed weed , got so dizzy , head aches , heart doung wierd shit , edgy , twitchy , very jittery , this last for 48 hours , dryed out for 3 days go back to organic no problems , now my question is what the hell is in their fertilizer , fungicides , pesticides … t y

  5. Thank you, I have a question about growing (autoflower) cannabis I decided to use organic fertilizers instead of chemical Will I have problems? Thanks again

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