Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Laws | Weed Laws in Oklahoma

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Laws With no specific qualifying conditions in Oklahoma, some patients report that it’s relatively easy to get an MMJ card. In fact, 1 …


  1. In the process of getting my omma application reviewed! Applied on the 5th and still waiting for that confirmation email. But I'm getting greedy lol HAPPY NEW YEAR it'll be good even based on current events! Love my oklahoma ❤️

  2. I got a medical marijuana card in California in the county i'm in there I can grow 99 plants indoor or out<can only grow like 6 without the medical card>. I am on vacation seeing family. my card is good in Arkansas <freaking Arkansas pot shops but there high like LA Cali. high> && I just applied for the Oklahoma temporary card so i can grow or buy in Oklahoma for 30 days It cost 100 bucks to apply no refund if i get denied.. their weed is cheaper in Oklahoma than Arkansas….. by over 1/2 & better

  3. You will have to look real good for quality in Oklahoma. So many dispensarys selling garbage. Most dispensary are run by liberals and think they are god. Alot of them have no clue what (cured) cannabis is. Watch out for the mom and pop shops that grow their own. Grow your own.

  4. Small time grower here in Logan County Oklahoma with available property, looking for investor or partners focused more on quality vs quantity. Processing facility currently being built on neighboring property. Be blessed and healthy Email me @ onenationmoving@gmail.com if interested

  5. There are some wicked good growers in Oklahoma now and they are putting out fire. For example BCC Collective, Resonant Cult, Rooted Zen, No Time Distributors aka No Time OKC, Emerald Fire Meds, Private Reserve Gardens, Easy Going Acres, Pure Exotics Cannabis, Flower of Life, Therapo, Snaxland, RedBird Bioscience aka Redbird Rise, Alterra Wellness (massive greenhouse), Heartland Farms, Dymond Enterprises, Zenoa Cannabis, Hideaway Farms, Arbuckle Farms, Robot Pharmer, Tulsa Connoisseur Grower, Rosebuds, Jive Cannabis Company, Red Dirt Sungrown, just to name a few. All of them are on instagram, check them out!

  6. delivery and out of state non medical was veto'd by the governor and congress decided not to over ride it so no delivery and no temp out of state card for states that don't already have mmj

  7. Just adding on the Oklahoma residence law part for anyone who would like more in detailed” Owners representing at least 75% ownership of the business must be Oklahoma residents for at least 2 years preceding the date of application, or at least 5 continuous years out of the last 25 years preceding the date of application. “

  8. Great video. I just need it to be legal federally, I'm a truck driver and they tests us at school, at the job, DOT sometimes and randomly too, some companies will do a hair drug test and i was surprised to know it can go beyond 90 -120 days. Sucks being in this position but I wasn't born here and trucking is all i got to move forward with my life. Can you see it being legalized in 2021?

  9. I'm still here in Texas and I'm a very healthy 70 years old, can pass for 50 or so, I'll die of old age and be 6 feet under before it's ever legal here! I don't know what the deal is here but I don't see it ever happening!

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