OUR DOG HAS EPILEPSY. Chip Sees a Specialist

Our dog Chip sees a specialist vet for his seizures. He undergoes a spinal tap and an MRI scan and is diagnosed with epilepsy. Thank you so much for all the …


  1. So happy you’ve got Chips diagnosis, we had a fur baby with epilepsy, she was such a sweetheart and had a wonderful life, she has safely passed but we absolutely adored her xxxx

  2. Sending you all hugs. When you said you can't see Epilepsy you are right it is signals in the brain (on humans as my son has it they do something called an EEG obviously not sure what if anything else they could do on a dog) hope the medication works and Chip gets on the mend soon xx

  3. so glad you got answers! can he run around and play now? he will be so excited if he can! my friends lab has epilepsy and now his meds r finally sorted he hasn't had seizures in a year!

  4. amazing new for chip, what a relief. Does this mean he can go back to lots of playing and running?? fair play to you both for staying so calm during all this, i cant image how hard and stressful its been for you both xx

  5. I love chip so much 😊 glad he can be helped now.
    Question, this might sound stupid but if you have insurance on one dog, if you get another pet or dog can you take out another insurance or can you only use one insurance for both pets? Thinking money wise? X

  6. Our yellow lab has epilepsy too. It started at age 2 1/2 and has been a little over a year now. It can be so scary when she has a seizure, but she's doing fine 99% of the time on medication. So glad you were able to figure out what it was and that it wasn't anything more serious. I have enjoyed following along with Y'all.

  7. such good news! If you ever want to talk more about having an epileptic dog, my boy has had it ever since he was 8 weeks old so I know a fair amount about it 😂 his is also un-explained epilepsy where basically no medical scan, blood test literally anything shows no sign as to why he has epilepsy. But yeah, basically if you (or anyone) ever just want a general chat about having an epileptic dog – I'm always happy to chat

  8. we are very very different people but your vlogs give me so much warmth and joy. the love sophie spreads is inspiring. thank you for sharing with us.

  9. So happy you have a diagnosis, bless him but at least you can manage it now and it will help him control the seizures. Look after yourselves and look forward to your next vlog. Take care love from Emma xxx (Wirral)

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