Pressure Cooking Cannabis to Decarb it and Activate THC A into THC

This video provides instructions related to the steps that are required in order to properly prepare cannabis for making medicinally active edibles. Pressure …


  1. Hello Rebecca, thank you for making such a nice video.
    In your opinion, what speaks against decarboxylating the buds together with coconut oil in a jar in the pressure cooker if i want to eat the plant material anyway? I would like to make a pesto with it and would like to save myself the second round, the infusion time. Is a different approach advisable or does everything remain unchanged as you have already explained?
    And an additional question:
    Inside the jar in the pressure cooker it takes some time until the required temperature reaches the flowers, although the valve already indicates that the pressure has built up. When do I know when to start counting the 40 minutes?
    I wish you a merry Christmas from Germany.

  2. Hey 🙂 Really liked your video, full of good info but I have one big question here… Since I know pressure cooker takes a lot less time to cook then any other cooking method, why do you keep the 40 minutes time for decarb !?
    I tried my first batch 2 weeks ago and got really desapointed I feel the result is really too cooked and brought out a bad taste and smell that even water wash my coconut oil changes nothing…
    Shouldnt we try 20minutes instead!? I was even thinking 16-18 minutes… What do you think?
    Cant wait to hear from you on that,, Thank you 🙂

  3. Can I buy one of those magical butter machines if I’m in NJ. Shoulda been legalized recreationally last year, but they hit snags. We do have medicinal. Just became a part of the M.M.P. and edibles help me so much more than smoking. I was able to stop taking a very high dose of Prozac. (80mgs.) I went to my psychiatrist and wen he seen my urine test he figured out that I didn’t have the Prozac he prescribed in my system for a couple mths., & there was THC. So when he asked me “How much marijuana do u smoke a day?” My heart dropped to my stomach, & thought… Damn. I’m screwed. Now I can’t even smoke. I told him I smoke about a gram a day. I didn’t wanna tell him that I smoked more, but I should’ve known. He’s always been really great to me. He got up, & went to his computer and handed me a printout of the medicinal marijuana program form. All I needed to get my MMP card. Shoulda jus been honest with him in the 1st place. I know certain company’s don’t ship to illegal states. I was wondering if anyone knew if I show my MMP card will they ship to New Jersey? Can I order the magical butter machine if I live in NJ? Thanx a lot.

  4. whats the point of this? what do you do with this? and sorry yea its LeCithin , should call this cracked pot channel, why would you burn off turpentine s the first time just to put it in a decarb machine for a second time ? sorta one of those things that falls under "just because we can , does not mean we should" KARMA 2019, i just cannot think of one reason why you would burn off half or more of your medicine , and please someone tell me the point of cbd decarb?

  5. I can't believe this hasn't been asked, can you put the herb in butter directly into the pressure cooker, and infuse and decarb it at the same time? Does decarbing happen while herb is in the butter? If this is possible it would combine 2 steps into one.

  6. Very interesting! You never mentioned the dose. You said it would be a dropper dose. That is what I want to make. Brownies, cookies, just have sugar and added calories. I want to drop the dose in my mouth.

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