S3E8 Podcast: Herbalism vs Modern Medicine in Witchcraft

Which is better – herbalism or modern medicine? Should you only do one or the other? Join the Bitchy Witchys as they talk about how people view the two and if …


  1. I would love to utilize less pills and more herbs. But from experience I know that my body doesn't respond to them. I need the more concentrated, pumped up modern meds (immune therapy, man-made iron, etc). I do however use natural herbs for what does work for me (i.e. lotions, salves, incense etc). If more people would learn more about nature/medicine and also themselves then debates like these would be void.
    Every human body responds to things differently. Find what works for you and don't judge others for using what works for them.

    FYI: I'm responding as I watch. So apologize ahead of time if I leave a million separate comments. 😄

  2. I feel like quarentine has helped open peoples minds to more natural medicine. Not being able to run to the ER or family doctor for every little ailment has forced them to find alternative ways.

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