Showing My Mom a HUGE Legal Weed Facility!

mooselabs Discount Code = Matthias Ive been waiting for this day for a long time! We finally got mom on a video and what better part of the cannabis industry to …


  1. I have a question about moose lab filters I had to stop smoking outta a bong after getting sick with the flue a while back and after I got better I went for a rip then went to pull the bowl got a harsh hit in the back of my throat and end up puking everything time I don’t do that from dabbing

  2. piece water solution natural replacement for the regular tap water used in your water pipe defend against harsh buildup and reduce smells my friend bought some it stays pretty clean but not perfect.

  3. This facility is BEAUTIFUL. I worked at Aurora Cannabis for about 18mo and honestly. Highland knows how to do it. The entire video I was pointing out what Aurora does wrong vs what highland does right. I really wish I could be able to try some of their product 😭😭😭 One day when I am able to come to the states. I was also just wondering Matthias, are you a partner or some kind of investor of highland? It was really cool that they let you do a tour like that. Aurora would literally be shitting their pants cause they don’t want people to copy their idea of taking a robotic and crane system designed for growing lettuce to grow weed with…….. and not very good weed. 🙄

  4. I love the blue 710 instant cleaner works great, I bought a four pack on amazon. One day when covid pandemic is over I will have to come to find some highland rosin. Great video 👍

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