Simple cannabis oil recipe


  1. Nice to see you again , Carly. ) Thank you so much for yourself, for your time, for your knowledge & experience… Thank you for helping people. You are great, Carly.

  2. I did not realize how easy it was to make this oil. This is by far the best and easiest guide I have seen to date. I am going to follow your guide step by step and try it myself, I always chucked my cannabis vape burnt bits, so gutted I had not saved them 🙁

  3. Really informative video, some amazingly useful info here! 🙏 my main method of medicating is with a dry herb vape like yourself, so I have an absolute tonne of avb which I usually make brownies with. But I will definitely try this next time instead as I had no idea you could make something similar to RSO with the avb! Also as a side note, the reason why those syringes come with a lot of vape paraphernalia is they are used in eliquid mixing when people make their own ☺ thank you for the video!

  4. Wow thanks cancard looks awesome will definitely do this (will have to wait for my hands to wake up already dropped my morning coffee) hope you are all doing well and happy new year Xx

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