Simple homemade plant nutrients! Keep cannabis and tobacco healthy during isolation (COVID-19)

Here are a couple ways to make plant nutrients for living organic soil from common household items. Disclaimer: If you are not 19+ years of age do not watch this …


  1. How long can you store the liquid amendment once its mixed up? Been keeping it in the fridge, but I want to know if it's okay to do that and how long I can keep a batch of it around.

  2. I'm just getting into growing cannabis and want to grow it in coco vermicompost mix and is your liquid fertilizer ok for it and if ok how do I feed it can I get a complete feeding cycle for a plant growing in coco

  3. Hey i dont understand about the unsulphured black strap molasses i try to google it and fount thet a 2 different verity of the molasses it is so importent can i pot somthing else with the same effect?

  4. I'm just getting into organics and I've got a few questions, would these two dry blends along with the banana peel tea be sufficient for a whole grow? And hiw do you feed with this stuff, like how often and how much per gallon? Loved the video, thanks!

  5. Knowledge is power fr fr!!! Money is access!!! And you're a super solid individual for sharing the information! This could possibly shift the course of a life cycle if the information is used properly.

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