SMOKING CATNIP! What does it do? (Herb Review)

In this video I smoke catnip and explain all the effects! I also get high with my kitties ▻ TWITTER: @lowkey_fish ◅ Yo, whatsup …


  1. This is a really great channel! I just came across this video and I’ve just subscribed because of how educational it is. If I could make a video recommendation: it would be really great if you could make a video showing people how to make an herbal blunt without any weed, just herbs. A lot of people don’t know how to roll herbs and they end up coughing because they didn’t use a filter or rolled it wrong and eventually they give up. Especially since many herbs are in either a powder extract format or a shredded (seed/bark/flowers) format and these two types of herbal formats require very different methods of preparation when smoking. Anyways great video I hope to see more cool videos where you discuss all the various obscure hallucinogenic herbs people don’t know much about.

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