Steve Kubby Growing Marijuana – Light Bulbs

You need good lighting, and you need to know which type of bulbs to use to grow good marijuana!


  1. Depends on your goal and the finances available to you. To grow anything in an artificial environment most people use Metal Halide bulbs for vegetative growth. MH (as they are known) come in usually white or brilliant blue. For flowing growth most people use High Pressure Sodium (HPS as they are known) which are usually very orange and red which is an attempt at mimicking the fall and end of summer light.

    The more watts the better, but you gotta be able to cool em and such. Hope that helps.

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  3. i use a 50w halogen bulb for 6 hours, and sunlight for the first 12….so that i can hit 18 hours light, for veg, im in week 3 and ive started adding nutes (levingtons tomorite) this is a 1 plant super budget grow, will this work?( i don't expect trichome coverd buds, i expect this ammnesia seed to push about 4%thc) its just a hobby grow.

  4. @bobodenfemte grow bulbs is for making you plant grow the leaves and stem, and the bloom bulb is for making the plant grow the buds.
    the Grow bulb is used in the first part of growing marijuana and the Bloom bulb is used in the last 8 weeks when you want them to start flowering

  5. @tnaglassworks use the mh (blue) for veg and the hps (red) for flower. technically you can just use the hps (red) for all of it, but itll cause alot of stretching in veg because hps are more powerful than mh in the same wattage. if you use both, your crop will be purrrfect!

  6. i'm a beginner grower, like litterally just started like 1 week ago, and i'm growing in my closet, i just want to know what are the best bulbs for growing, i'm not ready for these types of growing tip's. don't get me wrong their helpful but i need to know bulbs that are smaller like a regular room and a little bit bigger please help

  7. @marcjtdc so the pipe cleaner they use to make the crack dont hert them surley it not the crack it may be the ammonia in the cleaner but if not why not grow some coke plants and make some tea with this im not gonna go get some crack for my plants they might get hooked and try a steal my wallet lol

  8. @marcjtdc with what light you get a pound per wats so if you you use 1000 wats you get a 1000 pounds you must be fucking with him so with my 200 wat light ill get 200 pound please let me know how you do this i dont think i will work but if you can get that i want to know please

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