Stivers Admits THC Has Therapeutic Value

Senate President Robert Stivers voices his concerns regarding medical marijuana and explains that he believes cannabis has some therapeutic benefits for …


  1. you know stivers the federal government will not do this because its a schedule 1 drug , it comes to state rights, i know you don't want to go against the feds. but it's time to stand for the people of ky, 70 to 80 percent wants this

  2. He's full of shit. Still clinging to the Reagan Era for dear life.
    It's time for Republicans to finally get off their asses and give us FREEDOM to light up if they're gonna screetch "freedom" whenever gun ownership comes up for discussion.
    Y'know! CONSISTENCY, a recommended trait if you enjoy pursuing a career in statecraft…

  3. What I heard was, "I don't agree with it, but I want to make people jump through some more hoops because I'm in control". A majority of the entire US thinks it should be legalized. A MAJORITY of Kentuckians think it should be legalized. Him sitting on it while pretending to be giving people a chance to prove it's efficacy, is just him enjoying the power. Like McConnell having (HAD) power in the Senate, Stivers is just enjoying being able to say no to something he doesn't like.

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