The Effects of Marijuana on the Brain

This was a psychology project in college. The music is NOT mine, and credit goes to Three Six Mafia, Afroman, Citizen Cope, Cyprus Hill, Mr. Pookie, and Green …


  1. @creamnwheat Cannabis does not treat cancer in that way it makes the cancer cells kill themselves, yes it does stimulate brain cell growth I have seen the studies at the University of Saskatchewan with my own eyes and no that is not why it is illegal the reason it is illegal today is still economic reasons

  2. …arguing that weed is good for your health is retarded. It does not stimulate brain cells. It is used in cancer treatment not because it helps the cancer itself, but helps in appetite and nausea side effects of cancer treatments. The point of weed legalization is that we are not supposed to be babysat by our government on what we do and don't do with our bodies. Much like cigarettes, my choice to smoke weed in my home is just that…my choice.

  3. I'm sorry but you obvioulsy don't know a lot about cannabis … This is really poor analysis of the REAL cannabis facts … For one thing when you smoke cannabis ,YOU ARE NOT AUTOMATICLY sleepy .Why ? Because it depends on the type of cannabis that you are using !Indica for instance is alot sleep inducent than strains from the Sativa dominant .It is scientificly proven that cannabis actually HELPS fight cancer and its obvious that we have been feeding off lies for a long time from the governmant

  4. @OrganicPanicMOB
    I would think for any project past kinder garden he wouldn't use so many different,kiddy, collorfull fonts But…Nope
    (Really, what the hell? like you were high or something…)

  5. This was pretty bad. As a school project i can understand where you're coming from, but in the real world marijuana is only mildly dangerous to others. it can also bring joy to individuals in their own form. if you enjoy it then do it. i've only done it, like, 10-15 times. No one sees a difference after the day i smoked it and neither did i. and to this day i am still doing it every once in a while and don't feel a change. i say do it, but in portions.

  6. i hope you failed this assignment. you presented hardly any evidence, just posted a bunch of medical words without any connections to real effects to the brain, and filled up empty space with useless videos of people toking. not to mention this typography is absolutely horrible, but i'm guessing you're not a design student and that has little to do with the message so i won't hold it against you.

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