The Status Of Legal Marijuana In Minnesota

Jennifer Mayerle shares what the status of legal marijuana is in Minnesota, and the likelihood of a bill moving forward this year (3:27). WCCO 4 News At 10 …


  1. Marijuana never seemed illegal to me since I was a kid, unless someone holds up a liquor store and they let the person plead down to a marijuana possession charge, like it’s a second chance.

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  3. Ive lived in mn my whole life. smoked pot too. its always available. so what the law makers need to debate is do they want more tax rev or not because legalizing will in the end just take the money from illegal dealers to taxed legal dealers

  4. I’ve been sending my cannabis dolllars to Colorado for years. Minnesota is stupid. I’m so disgusted with how our legislators have handed cannabis legalization. Shame on the state of Minnesota.

  5. When it's got to do with money you going to do whatever you got to do that's what the government pay for the saying to you will let you go and exchange we want the money from the marijuana

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