The US vs. John Lennon

The compelling and provocative documentary of John Lennon’s evolution from beloved Beatle to outspoken artist and activist. An iconic inspiration for peace …


  1. And also Yoko is full of it here too. They spent all this closeness together? They did for a while, but they actually separated. She got tired of him and suggested he have an affair with her personal assistant, which lasted about two years. Yoko was also stressed over her separation from her daughter. They did get back together but John had "permission" from Yoko to continue seeing May Pang as a mistress. Pang thought Yoko brainwashed him at a psychotherapy session in New York. Interesting folks, but Yoko is a promoter and has dutifully kept up the illusion of perpetual happiness. Doesn't tarnish anything for me, but the film pushes the narrative in a bit of unrealistic narrative. The FBI's interest in that period was almost exclusively with communist influences which were real factors. It was still the Cold War. And, a great deal of paranoia about drugs in the culture. That, actually did turn out to be a legitimate concern. It's one thing when intelligent and creative people take drugs, but they forget it's a whole lot different when the crowd changes and the criminals get involved. So I definitely remember the glow fading in the seventies on the drug culture.

  2. Well I'm a big admirer of Lennon and was in the anti war and civil rights movements and very active politically. But this video is like a lot of them: it has about 20 percent of the information and uses that to spin a narrative to characterize events in a certain way that aren't completely accurate. Lennon was not the only activist rock star in America. And his immigration problem had nothing to do with politics in the first place. He and Yoko had never applied for permanent residency. They only applied for a temporary short term visit. Yoko's ex-husband, an American, had absconded with her daughter and she was trying to get custody. Their temporary visa ran out and they wanted an extension. They really never made the right applications in the first place. The extension was refused because he had a criminal record, a drug conviction in England. As it turns out, that's the best part of the story. You can see Lennon actually talking all about this on talk shows on Youtube. There was a wacky cop in London who was targeting all the big rock stars and trying to get them busted on drug charges; and years later it was confirmed he was planting drugs. Problem is, it was no big deal there to busted for Hashish resin. His lawyer said to plead guilty and pay the small fine. Unfortunately, this constituted a criminal drug record for American Immigration officials. They tried to convince the court that the American law referred to marijuana, and that Lennon was convicted of hashish possession and so it should not disqualify him. That didn't work. But their lawyer knew a lot of alternative applications to make. They applied as "outstanding artists", and Yoko was given permanent residency status. So there were a variety of machinations, but immigration in those days was very serious about such things. Actually Nixon was more worried about Rock Stars promoting drug use than their political clout. That is what inspired that bizarre meeting with Elvis when he volunteered to work under cover for the government in a meeting with Nixon; to expose those folks. Maybe the government tried to influence the proceedings but I don't recall actually Lennon making that claim. At their first court appearance, they were so nervous the prosecutor told their lawyer to have them come up to his office so maybe they could relax. That went well as the prosecutor was quite a fan of the Beatles. Then Lennon's attorney told him that the guy was the prosecutor, and Lennon immediately took out a handkerchief, fell to his knees and started polishing the guy's shoes. It took multiple suits, but Lennon first got "outstanding artist" status, then non-priority status which is a status where an artist can have a criminal record but still remain in the country if they under extreme hardship. I have no idea how he qualified for that; perhaps because of Yoko's daughter. They also sued some individuals in the government for selective prosecution. It is probably true they would not normally deport somebody that promptly in Lennon's position. But the non priority status is what allowed him to stay, and then get permanent residency. That status, actually, took a lot of work to actually prove existed. It was not commonly used and that argument was very technical in terms of statute language. The deportation order was not illegal though. In any case, the Lennon's were only looking for an extension anyway. So they were along for the ride. They actually got to stay in the country five years during the litigation. So probably some nudging from the State Department, but if Yoko had resolved her daughter's legal problems, they would have left the country anyway. It was not this super government plot as it depicted here. Selective prosecution doesn't mean illegal prosecution, it means you aren't prosecuting everybody that might qualify. Of course, the main problem was Lennon plead guilty on the old drug charge. Without that he never would have had a problem.

  3. I idolized and admired John Lennon when I was a teenager in Chicago in the late 60's, early seventies. I played their music on drums and guitar due to his and the Beatles, etc. music. I found John Lennon and many other musicians did not ever come to peace in their lives with God. Like them I did drugs to try to find joy and truth for my life, but I never did until I looked into the Bible.There I found Jesus is God. And that he is all I needed to find to know, truth, peace, love, and life. Talent and fame, and money won't give you peace. Only the Prince of Peace can do this. That is who Jesus is. So, give peace a chance (As John said), and pick up a Bible and read the book of John (The Apostle), and God's Spirit will talk to you of the truths of God and yourself, if you are open to knowing God through His Son and God, and Savior Jesus the Christ. God says, "pride comes before destruction", so be humble and seek Jesus while you can because once your dead there are no second chances. When I was 22 I fell on my face to my carpet and begged God to forgive me for my wayward selfish life, and He heard me and delivered me from alcoholism, drugs, immorality, and hopelessness. Jesus will do this for you too if you want to be truly free. Talk to Him, and give Him your troubles, sin, and your life, and He will lift you out of a prideful, hopeless, self-centered life to complete freedom in His love for you. Imagine there's a heaven, its easy if you try. A God who loves you, even if you lied. People there who'll befriend you, even if you weren't very nice. YOU WHO. You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope today you will join us, and the world of evil will soon be gone. —Make the only good and saving choice, and follow the one who paid for your sins—-Jesus, Lord of lords, and King of kings. There is no other way to be saved from your sins, except through Jesus's death and resurrection. He lives, and so now you can live through His forgiveness of your sins.


  5. Trump is very similar to John Lennon. Lennon will always be my favorite of so many greats.
    He's the only rocker that exuded the noncorrupt and equal justice that the Trump movement foretells.
    I wish Trump's mentor Richard Nixon allowed a place in his heart for John

  6. I don't play sad songs anymore. Scripture warned me about it, yet it's just recently I see WHY it is to be shunned. Sad songs invoke a certain set of emotions that can be easily exploited in these times of poverty & oppression.

  7. Never agreed with Lennon's politics he meddles into U.S. political scenery too much for my liking and {being a British citizen} totally inappropriate.
    Ironic he was shot by a leftwing hippie loser mark Chapman as Lennon was a flaming libtard himself.
    Musically the western world lost an enormous talent,but,that talentless snake Yoko ono already broke up the Beatles and a decade was wasted on ?????????
    Interesting documentary though totally one sided leftist propaganda.

  8. Although I was very young, I remember the Viet Nam war on the nightly news; I remember the Smothers Brothers and news stories of John & Yoko's Bed-In for peace. I was honestly afraid that my older brother would be drafted and would have to go to fight in the war and cried myself to sleep some nights at the thought, wishing for people to give peace a chance. I was lucky that I had the family I did, because they felt the same way. So much so that my Mom chose to keep me home from school the day after John's life was so senselessly cut short. Sometimes I wonder what John would say about the world today; if he'd be on social media, how many songs he would have written by now, all that sort of thing. Whatever else is the case, it's pretty much a given that he'd still be standing up for peace and equal rights. Love is the most important thing… "Love is the answer, and you know that for sure."

  9. Supposedly one of the main reasons that Bob Dylan switched from Folk Protest Music to Electric Guitar Rock was he didn't want the US government going after him, or worse yet to be drafted. He took a lot of heat for the switch, but I think he knew that his music wasn't going to end any war.

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  11. And to have Ron kovic say the things he says about John Lennon is a is unbelievably great I mean this man sacrificed a lot for this country and he looked upon John Lennon as like I said a patriot an equal and a guy who just wanted peace and lot of guys that came back from Vietnam the way Ron did you know you have to have some mixed feelings about that war no matter what it wasn't we shouldn't even have been there

  12. John Lennon you know what John Lennon was a patriot and all he wanted was peace and you know what he left a legacy that second to none and some great music obviously I've been to the Dakota I've been to Strawberry Fields it was a devastating time when he got murdered I didn't realize the government put him through so much though that f**** Hoover he was a real a**** things he did to people and Nick's and yeah he didn't want John Lennon dead yeah freedom of speech that's for sure but in the end the United States killed him anyway and he hated to leave live in England because of the way they treated Yoko but some idiot here puts a bullet in them so just a tragedy all the way around God bless John Lennon

  13. Geraldo: What Bobby Seale adds to this equation was a far more dangerous aspect, a far more immediate physical kind of threat- he was much more foreboding and menacing than the other guys.

    Translation: He's Black, so he was much scarier than the White political activists- who had a kinda cute, boy next door quality to them- because they were White.

  14. Music will save the world ….Thank you John lenon be born and change the thinking of the world ……what he said doesn’t matter ,he means the capitalism or socialism , it’s out of any labeling the systems ,bad things can and happen to all the civilizations and different systems , it’s about ,just how a human being ,could be in better atmosphere ,to live in peace with love , rather than in wars ….. if we’ll ask a child he will spontaneously answer without wasting a minute ,..They will whisper the same Love snd peace ….🙏🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻

  15. I was in the back of a taxi cab in Georgia when the news thatJohn Lennon had been killed came over the driver's radio.I was 17 years old and a soldier then, and as hard as I was suppose to be, I felt that and looked out of the cab and saw that thesky was an empty blue. That matched the silence in the back of that taxi cab that day in the 80's for me.Such a shame, such a dirty rotten shame. RIP John

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