Theresa May Position On Cannabis Oil Is 'Inhumane', Says Ex Drugs Minister

Theresa May Position On Cannabis Oil Is ‘Inhumane’, Says Ex Drugs Minister. The former Drugs Minister says Theresa May’s insistence that cannabis oil should …


  1. It's not just inhumane it#s also a breach of your human rights and a bloody disgrace! Let's not forget the hypocrisy, Theresa May's husband Phillip makes money from shares in GW Pharmaceuticals, who in turn have a UK monopoly on cannabis medicine. The UK is also the worlds biggest exporter of 'medical cannabis,' yet May and many previous prime ministers claim it has "NO" medical value. These people are liars and hypocrites and the press just let them get on with it, in the meantime people are dying!!! Wake up people please and do something!!!

  2. Theresa May only cares about the MONEY. Its not about "FEAR" how else can the UK be the largest exporter for medical use, yet say it has no medical benefit? Unless its says its selling snake oil?

  3. Very well known in those in the know that she doctored all the documents gathered by mr Clegg in 2012 when he traveled the world to see how other countries drug laws work. He wanted to decriminalize cannabis and legalize for medical use as the data suggested. She changed the data before handing it to the prime minister!

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