UK MPs refuse to acknowledge medical benefits of cannabis

Petition link in info – Nearly 200000 people have signed a petition for the production, sale and use of cannabis to be made legal. Legalising cannabis could bring …


  1. UK will never legalise it and yet the UK is the largest producer of weed on the planet
    the only reason they haven't legalised it is they won't get all the profits for themselves(greedy cunts) plus if it's in your system then you won't be allowed to "drive a vehicle"(legal term) or operate machinery which means fewer people at work(gasp!, less tax for the cunts) why people are debating with these war mongering greedy genocidal vermin is beyond me, remove them altogether I say.

  2. These politicians aren't just ill informed,… they're blatantly lying there asses off!  They only fool the non user, ignorant to the facts.  What else do you think they might be lying about? lol

  3. The so called harm effects of cannabis fall between coffee and a beer. The real harm of cannabis is the prohibition laws that destroy peoples lives caught with small amounts for personal use. Is ironic the two groups that want to maintain prohibition are the drug cartels and politicians, says it all really.

  4. im on a wide variety of meds for psychosis, anxiety,depression. chronic pain and get a lot of unwanted side effects and just wonder if i could benefit from cannabis. smoking skunk used to give me panic attacks and since i havnt used it for over 10 years. there doesn't seem to be any variety on the street though

  5. And epilepsy medication such as carbamazepine inhibits the thinking where as weed acts as a far better antiepilepsy medicine. It is also good for post traumatic stress disorder as well. The excuse sends out the wrong message to young people is just fucking bollocks he was not talking about 'young people' but people who need a decent medicine for their illnesses and conditions without having been doped out on 'azepine' type drugs that are available.

  6. cannabis is a proven cure for all kinds of cancers and has more medicinal bennefits than any other plant on the face of this earth, are these supposed medical proffessionals thick as shit or just blatantly ignorant. Things need to change.

  7. The argument that any drug can be held responsible for a persons intellectual state is preposterous. Steve Jobbs, Terrance McKenna and Alan Watts to name a few, if this is what comes of being a responsible recreational experimental user of drugs sign me up. Personal responsibility, attitude and not being a fucking sheep is what should be under debate, lies at the root of most of our problems.

  8. Can someone message me the next hemp festival in London any think in London I will support for legalising cannabis because everyone is allowed to just drink ther drugs but it is no help for you but cannabis does very confusing not fucking idiots😡😡😡😡🙈😂😂😂


  10. Hilarious, why do the us government have a patent for its medicinal use? The fact that this exists prooves fraud, it is not allowed to even be a schedule 1 drug yet it is. The list that the uk gets from the DEA is a fraud.

  11. its 2015. time for reason is over, the world wants peace, its begins with the oldest medicinal herb plant to be freely used amongst grown adults. This man speaks truth.

  12. I'm in Denver Colorado. As many may know, Colorado was one of the first states in the US to legalize the use of marijuana and no longer as medical but also recreational. I saw this coming and told people it has a more sinister motive. This is a very sensitive subject, like religion, but what I tell you is the truth. There was an upload that everyone should see here on Youtube:

    Corporatized Cannabis & canapes at Colorado art gallery !! They are smelling the $$$ not the weed

    The uploader named cip1883, thought that this was a great way for the government over here to cash in on the legalization of it and that's why they went for it. That's incorrect. I live here and this is a very FEDERAL town with all kinds of federal government activities of every kind and is a backup city for the UN in NY and the Pentagon in DC. I'm not making this up as I've met many officials that have come through Denver who have told me in no uncertain terms this. There is a big data center underneath DIA (Denver New World Airport) for the government and I met the man that was hired by the DOD (Dept of Defense) who gets these billion dollar contracts to build them. I met him in 2011 just before the construction of it began, and he told me what he knew about it and how it had to be completed by spring of 2013.

    The government isn't in on this legalization of marijuana to make any kind of money. They have all the money they want – they print it up, as much as they want for whatever purposes they want – it's all digitized anyway and worthless through private institutions and banking cartels. This is about CONTROL.

    Go listen and watch that video title I posted in this comment and listen to local Denverites talk about how WONDERFUL they feel. ("IT'S A GOOD HIGH" – :55 into the video.)

    Pay attention to the elderly couple at 1:21 in that video – "IT JUST KIND OF MELLOWS ME OUT AND MAKES ME FEEL GOOD. So NOW THERE'S SOMETHING THAT MAKES YOU FEEL REALLY NICE, NO HANG OVERS, JUST DELIGHTFUL." Her candor said it all.

    Marijuana makes a person happy, complacent and passive. And when you're in a state of happiness, complacency and passivity, you're less likely to resist any strident advances toward MORE control over your lives by the New World Order agenda. That is a fact and it's working wonders. Take it from me, from a resident of the city whose airport is named Denver New World Airport. THIS IS THE REASON THAT GOVERNMENTS WILL LEGALIZE THIS ELSEWHERE AS WELL. They don't give a shit about your health, just controlling you. This news story is just to generate more outcry for the legalization of it, SO AS to control you more.

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