Vancouver Police Chief on How Washington Marijuana Legalization Might Affect BC

POT TV – Vancouver Police Department Chief Constable Jim Chu joins CTV’s Power Play to discuss how Washington State’s marijuana legalization vote may …


  1. America is also the one who will not allow the laws on drugs to change even today. Remember when Chretien introduced a decriminalization bill? The US Drug czar came and threatened to shut down borders; what a bunch of douches.

  2. Yes. Interestingly enough they arrested one of our citizens for distributing cannabis seeds to Americans on Canadian soil (which is technically legal until the Americans decide to cross the border under their own free will).

  3. Canada tried to legalize back in 2003 when Chretien was PM and it was none other than the Federal US government who payed us a visit and threatened to shut down borders if we passed the bill.

  4. WRONG,Only medical marijuana is controlled by the state. The US, cannabis is a level one narcotic. Its a level two in Canada. And when it is legal in Canada, which it will be soon. It will be legal across the whole country and not in 2/50 'areas' of the country. More people smoke cannabis in Canada then any other industrial nation in the world. I can go down any major street in and major city in Canada and walk down it puffing on a joint and nothing will be said. Do that in NY and see u in 10y

  5. Start talking when the Feds drop it from a class one narcotic. Still illegal to grow or sell, just position is legal. Position is pretty much legal in Canada, since cops turn a blind eye to it. Hopefully in the coming days it is legal to grow and sell, To protect BC's economy it will be legalized in Canada as soon as the American based Conservative party is out of house.

  6. I HATE how media still refers to Marijuana as "pot".. That word just seems to imply something bad.. Idk I feel like they use that slang word on purpose instead of saying "marijuana" or the actual scientific term Cannabis

  7. i wish oregon, washington and BC would join and form a country. im not sure about BC, but my state and oregon are just too far from the politics of my country. we want less spending, no drug war, no war in general, education investment, gun rights, and environmental protecting laws because BC, WA, and OR have beautiful environments

  8. Stop promoting fear you dumb bitch. That's what pigs want. To be able to tap a phone or read a txt with no warrant. Fuck off this is the home of the brave and land of the free. Everyday dumbasses like him try to make this country less free.

  9. Big Brother is watching. Corrupt Government = unjust laws. I hope that we Canadians can learn a little something about courage from the State of Washington.

    The police should not be making laws. The people are the ones who should be in charge of making laws. (or changing them)

    Congratulations to the States of Colorado and Washington. You have changed the world.

    Thank you

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