Weed good at vidja games?

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  1. Definitely helps me in some gaming situations. All of my top times on the leaderboards in Forza 6, forza 7, and horizon 4 were set under the influence of the ganja and I've got some of the fastest times in the world if you exclude meta vehicles, meta tunes, and players using full sim racing setups.
    I slip into that undefineable "flow state" much easier, I get much more immersed, and my inputs become a lot more finessed and smooth.
    But there's a limit, certain games an gametypes where focus and flow aren't important my performance is unchanged or suffers, and if I've toked a few times too many, staring at a screen with a bunch going on can make me feel ill.

  2. for some reason Trans-Colorado 2286 immediately comes to mind as the captain of the Fairchild Metro 3 which crashed in the Rocky mountains in 1988 had taken cocaine and was suffering the effects of withdrawal at the time of the crash

  3. I discovered this by accident. I got blazed one night and played Hades and I managed to get to the second form of the final boss. Sober I stopped the first one or two rooms of elysium on a good run.

  4. i cant play ranked sober seriously. I've always thought it was a myth but i seriously play way better high as where my friend plays horrible when he's high. It calms me and relaxes me during intense situations lol

  5. When I’m sober and play cod I notice I don’t do as good as when I’m high I’m like 10x more concentrated 🤣🤘🏽 awesome to hear people should just lighten up about weed if it ain’t doing nothing to you personally stfu (:

  6. You shut your scientific mouths and hit that bong! Watch that KDA skyrocket as you do! 😂 get high, play high, get high scores. It’s simple physics bruh 😂😂

  7. I have to say anecdotally when I want to focus or to win, I take a dab before the round starts. Sports like hockey too, toke right before you go on the ice or before boxing/grappling is the best. My tolerance is high, take that in mind I'd say all of this is very dose and individual experience dependent, if you're too fucked up it's not gonna go well. Muscle memory and movement, hand eye, including things like painting drawing or video games and wrestling, creativity, sensing patterns, intuition, personally some of the best work and ideas I've created stoned. You need to be accustomed to it to use it as a performance enhancer, I can't say if you're a weekend smoker you'll have the same experience but you may if you get into the right mindset.

  8. You can't test marijuana and apply those findings to everyone. Because like alcohol, marijuana effects everyone different. If I don't smoke I don't want to do shit. But for most it's opposite of that. I can smoke a blunt to my self and go on about my day like nothing, but I know people take two hits and they're stoned and can't do shit.

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