Weed vs Alcohol | Which is Better? (Myth Busted) ft.@Be YouNick

Weed vs Alcohol. Which one is better? Is alcohol better than weed, or is it the other way around? How safe are they? Which are the healthiest alcoholic drinks?


  1. I am an alcoholic and weed has helped me reduce my alcohol intake.
    It's hard to stay sober but at least now I can go for a week without drinking by smoking weed once or twice a week

  2. Vivek broo
    Plzz make a video to increase endurance and stamina
    And how to get rid of quick fatigue

  3. Vijaya is not the normal "conqurer" vijaya but is synonymous to shiva's wife.
    Also to remember, there is NO one on one translations of sankrit words to english because english lacks spirituality.

  4. Bhai world is a amazing place, here social status is scaled by who drinks the most expensive shit, and here is how, alcohol is basically piss and shit of yeast, and the idea of comparison between weed and alcohol (shit of an organisms) is basically bogus,
    Mic drop,

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