Weed Wars: Worlds Largest Medical Marijuana Dispensary [S01E01]

Weed Wars: Worlds Largest Medical Marijuana Dispensary [S01E01]


  1. Correct me if I got this wrong he's worried about a 1.2 million dollar bill when he made 21 million dollars last year because his taxes went from 1.2% to 5% I understand you got to fight it but that's what the taxpayers voted for and in the long run you're probably going to end up paying it he's just getting greedy

  2. can it help me gain weight bc other medication doesn't help I've tried sss tonics I've tried muscle enhancements powder that you can buy at Walmart and other stuff like that also Ensure people say eating bannas and peanut butter helps but in 3 years I've gained roughly 6 pounds if smoking can change that I'll go ask doctors today…

  3. This is the new American Gold Rush…Anyone who is getting in on this will be very rich very quickly… Bad News…. If the Feds deem it necessary you go to jail… Folks… Doubt it will change anytime too soon on a Federal Level… I doubt Gary Johnson will be elected..

  4. Adderall and Ritlan both now have FDA BLACK BOX WARNINGS, indicating that the drugs are Class II Controlled Substances which causes heart attacks and sudden death in some users. Cannabis hasn't killed anyone in 1,000's of years, that's why it remains ILLEGAL by the ruling idiots driving America into a crime-ridden, 3rd world shithole. I use cannabis daily/hourly now, it basically cured me of fybromyalgia and lyme disease. I would have likely been dead by now had I not found my dealer. I don't care if it's still illegal in most states, because the US Federal Government is anti-human health, and consists of absolute pathological liars and blithering idiots. Besides, I'm sure Hillary Clinton intends to fully legalize marijuana on her first day in the Whitehouse, if she doesn't, well I guess we won't be very happy with our vote. Oh, and please just ignore fuckface Donald Trump's claim that he wants to legalize cannabis, Trump is a racist liar and a sexist womanizer who should have been taken out by now, seriously he's a real fucking kook!! Fuck that dirty male worm!!

  5. Whoever the guy is that went in to the hearing and made that "Speech," is NOT good at speaking and presenting a case. No big deal, but if you want to be perceived as a legitimate business, you have your business lawyer AND a tax lawyer accompany the owner of the business. (One of them at least. And no, he shouldn't be wearing a dress to a city hearing.)

  6. Jut one of the side effects:
    Frontal lobe damage

    young adults and adults who are users of marijuana are more likely than non-users to have disrupted brain development, according to a new study. Doctors researchers found abnormalities in areas of the brain that interconnect brain regions involved in memory, attention, decision-making, language and executive functioning skills. The findings are of particular concern because is a crucial period for brain development and maturation.

  7. Be careful, This is a dirty business. The user become stupid and loose their identity. It is a brain destroyer. Don't get involved with this junk. It is not medicine. It has very harmful side effects.

  8. If you watch this you will see an employee of the largest dispensary in the world down in Cali has a personal grow room that was a complete disaster…If you don't know how to grow, you shouldn't grow. This is one of the ways how the market gets saturated with sub-par product.

  9. Our goal is to secure funds to help us relocate to where we can get the care Michael deserves. After reaching our goal ALL funds over that goal will be setup in a non profit foundation in Michael's name to help the families that have been told countless times by countless foundations as we have, there are no programs like that available, our organization will be the program to provide assistance to families with children with special needs to help them relocate to so they're children can also receive the care they so desperately deserve twitter:@compasionmikey http://www.gofundme.com/compassionmikey

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