Week 13 How To Flush Your Medical Marijuana Plant Before Harvesting – Super Silver Haze


  1. dude there is no possible way you're getting your ppm's down to 0-120 flushing with tap water lol.
    No offense, but you shouldn't be making tutorials about something you don't really know how to do. Definitely not bad for your first grow, in fact it's better than my first grow. That being said, you don't know what you're doing and you're giving silly advice lol.

  2. There are a LOT of myths regarding flushing cannabis, we are learning better ways of doing things all the time. Forget about actually flushing with plain water like that, such a total PITA & you can get better results easier. For the last 5-7 days of flower you only need to use Herculean Harvest, Aphrodites Extraction & Olympus Up (From the Nectar For The Gods line). Extensive testing was done regarding flushing & they found that not only did the Nectar "flush" produce better flavor than plain water but more yield. I recently tested the Nectar "flush" & it honestly produced some of the best tasting smoke Ive ever had, NO JOKE! Just humor me & try it on a couple plants, then compare it to other plants (same strain obviously) that got flushed with plain water, I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

  3. why ppl "drown" their plants as a "flush" specially when organic just baffles me.. you are running the risk of over watering and root rot by drowning your plant.. if your running organic all you gotta do is 2-3 weeks before harvest stop feeding and just water like normal and all nutes will be flushed out of the soil without the risk of root rot, mold etc.. why risk your entire crop a week or 2 before harvest? it doesn't take much to flush out organic nutes. all you really gotta do is up your water from .5-.75 (5 gal pots) to .75-1gal and you will be fine.. you will still get about 10% run off each plant causing it to flush without having the soil so wet that it can no longer get any oxygen… over time is always better than all at once in many cases when it comes to marijuana growing.. again its not worth the risk.. but everyone has their own set ways.. if you really wanna see what difference it makes take half your crop and flush em like this and do the other half just a little over normal watering and you will not see a big enough change in taste/flavor/smell/potency then you will just watering like normal and watering when you normally feed.. this is why youtube can really change your crop outcome.. just like the news and fb just cause you seen it on youtube doesn't mean its the best method for YOU.  Just my $0.02.. dont risk the root rot, mold etc doing a flush like this if your running organic nutes.. its a waste of time, money, water and air time on youtube..

  4. Love this. Being in a tent that takes up majority of room doesn't allow for easy movement. Plants to delicate and big to squeeze out to bathroom tub to flush so I may try and do something similar. Thinking maybe 5gallon bucket w my circular (clean)grill grate for the BBQ so run off can go thru. Much love for the tek share. But none qu?action for u bro…HOW OFTEN DO U DO THIS FLOOD DRAIN FLUSH THING FOR? LAST WEEK? LAST 10-14 DAYS??
    thanks homie

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