Week 2: Seedlings getting comfortable – Indoor Cannabis Grow room

This is the 2nd part of a weekly Weed Growing Series in which we’ll be following a bunch of seedlings go trough their lifecycle in my indoor grow room. I would …


  1. To stop long stem growth being so bare and long you should pinch some fresh baby leaves off and it stunts growth for abit but then it sprouts off into other directions on the stem so a bushier plant is grown 🙂

  2. My 8 day have 2nd veg leaves fully in, 3rd pair peeking. It's all about knowing water, temperature, humidity and soil. I lol when I see videos like this! Obvious ppl don't know seedlings love humidity and tropical temperature. As for lighting, T5 or grow light doesn't matter…. it's the lums 200-400 that stops stretch. This means the light at plant level should be getting this amount of light. If not, your plant is off to a stressful life…. wasting energy to get enough light because you don't know the basics.
    The amount of videos on topic is there! Your just wasting time and yields….oh well

  3. You must know as above so below , if you have small container for the roots and they cant grow , your plant will not increase its leaf area , you see that in all stressed plants , skinny tall ones , always in small space , that is the reason fro the scratch

  4. You should see new leaves growing within the first couple of days, I think your light is too high… Try putting the light less than a foot close to the seedlings, you will have great results!!!

  5. thanks for the informative video, just one thing, the gangsta/illegal music isn't necessary anymore..it's time to change the general opinion of cannabis and its users.. you could have classical music playing. just a suggestion lolz

  6. I've got a grow going a my plants have just grown out about Harf inch tall should I be putting feed in for them and now and haw do I finde out what p,h level the water is I'm feeding them

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