What is schizophrenia? – Anees Bahji

Discover what we know— and don’t know— about the symptoms, causes, and treatments of schizophrenia. — Schizophrenia was first identified more than a …


  1. When you believe you are Napoleon. That is a little bit outdated. Today people usually say they have been abducted by aliens or the neighbor is stealing his thoughts, etc, etc. Some schizophrenics were celebrities, like Franz Kafka or John Nash

  2. Seriously, old info, I mean still as being etiqetted with schizofrenia I beg to differ that science knows it all..
    Still a lot of unawereness about this disease, what the truth is behind schizofrenia and really the question is: 'what is the ríght explanation of schizofrenia?', instead of scientific bladybla.
    For instance spirituality explains it different, mostly by being to opened up, especially if you're highsensitive. And then there is 'fear of the ego'. (Kind of read it somewhere)
    And I guess that what's unseen by regular healthcare really is picked up by alternative healthcare.

    And if we all know that schizofrenia comes from trauma, I would say that it's an emotional process actually that people should accept. I mean really anyone could can have the need for a schoulder to cry to. That's really important.
    I mean, if you are burdened with something, than whats the best way to heal?
    To actually finding truth in yourself and knówing where you stand in life, not too much judginess and staying in your own reality.. And it would reálly help if people don't judge with a label when somebody goes thru something (often I feel misunderstood by regular healthcare because the real spiritual value would be a taboo)

    In all sincerity, I hope I added some view on this ààànd I kind a reminded myself about a buddhist Monk talking about 'monkey mind'
    (If you're zen in your head, than you can still do a lot constructive, healthy and fun things!)

  3. now there are two local teenagers, who are too young for me, but they are psychologically obsessed with me to the point where they are acting like perverts, as in they are looking into my house from the outside, they are trying to figure out what I am doing and they are then using that private information and making it public.. like these kids are obviously morons, I am not letting them anywhere but I can report them to the police.. but I keep thinking what if there identities get leaked on the internet? or they end up with a criminal record? because that is there career ruined no one will hire them because everyone does back ground checks and in theirs will show that they intrude into other people's private space, they should not be trusted with access, there activities should be monitored and controlled because they engage in criminal behavior, causing harm to unsuspecting individuals, harassment and other criminal activities. it is like if they were caught doing this in there highschool, I am sure they will be suspended and there parents would be called to the principle's office.

    so they are mad kids, but they are not my kids and thus not mine to look after

  4. My wife has schizophrenia but she denies it and not getting treatment. Worst, we have a 5 yrs old son too now. Before pregnancy she used to take meds but now it's been 6 years almost that she stopped and is in denial. She has wrecked the whole family since the baby was born and within 5 years, I grew gray hair prematurely. I depicted how she behaves and feels inside in this short film here: https://youtu.be/5wEE6_-QUJ8

  5. I'm schizophrenic, I love to think a lot, but I can't express my thought through speech because I can't arrange my words properly so I end up stuttering/ stammering 😟

  6. So Fungus medicine can cause Schizophrenia is you have severe Dysbacteriosis. Why would one get poisoned with it, well it is a question whether you can use it without doctor's note. Which means you have to have fungus to use it. Online resources are your worst enemies, especially when it comes to dosages. I would clear my body from it. Symptoms should disappear once they are out, including candles.

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  8. I just found out my husband maybe suffering from schizophrenia I’m trying to learn as much as I can before he’s actually diagnosed I want to be as supportive as I can, we just had a baby two months ago I love him and just want him well

  9. My Father's first cousin was Schizophrenic, it's tragic seeing how bad it was for him. One of the nicest people I ever met, please don't discriminate them.

  10. Schizophrenia is often misunderstood, uses a video with creepy animations and attemps to blame drugs for the onset of psychosis. Antipsychotic meds not only make negative symptoms worse but they also increase physical brain issues which can be seen on MRIs like enlarged ventricles (more than the illness does) and early onset dementia.

  11. People need to learn the difference between neurosis and psychosis.
    I had obsessive-compulsive thoughts for some months after trauma and I knew I wasn't my thoughts.. Even tough I believed pretty much what they told me. – neurosis

    If somebody loses his mind and doesn't mind. Or if somebody loses his mind without realizing it.. Or if somebody can't tell the differences of reality and no reality at least in their thoughts anymore (and has some blackouts) -psychosis

  12. This disorder is brand new but it's being spoken about here as though it's a new phenomenon. There should've been so much research & data, helping those who suffer from it should be as simple as treating someone with S.A.D. I suffer from chronic depression & the explanation I hear here is unacceptable.

  13. This was almost verbatim a compilation of all the general, vague, official descriptions available today; which says nothing useful or relevant to anyone. Congratulations on wasting server space, you lemmings.

  14. im still learning but i feel like we really need to ask the questions of how spirituality and energy forces induce these states since it starts on the spiritual to mental then matterial plaene right?

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