What Nutrients to Use For Cannabis Plants

Choosing which nutrients to grow Cannabis with can be a difficult choice for some people. First, organic or synthetic? Bottled, dry, or an amended medium?


  1. i need help my first baby is a sativa and it is pale green an i can see light brown its just about to veg an im fed. I think an the more i read the more i listen the more i realize i know jack and am just getting more confused.

  2. Man I bet it’s nice having a friend who also knows about growing so you can just smoke with them and talk about it, my friends act like I’m some mad scientist when I try to talk about it 😂

  3. Yoh guys it's Sassy here big fan of your channel I just wanna know is there ways to get decent bud if U don't use any nutrients or pH water cause I currently do not have a job or money and I wanna grow my own weed so pls help a guy out 🤣

  4. Do you use the starter pack 1 or 2 or do you just choose your own what all do you use from humboldts secret, I was gonna start with the whole entire starter line up but I’m wondering if I should use them all

  5. Nectar For The Gods. Period. Run the full line feed regimen, along with #4 soil in airpots, in a closed Co2 fed environment, add SLF-100 and Fish Sh!t, and its a wrap. There is no comparison. Nada. the_gold_canopy@ig

  6. I saw this vid and went straight to Humboldt Secrets and ordered their starter pack, no questions asked. I did it on the strength of your word. 💯 I also struggled with pot size for my tent. I was using 3g pots then I thought I was doing big things moving to a 5g fabric. I think I need bigger pots too. 🤔🤔🤔🤔 You guys are legit!

  7. Wassup y’all just started following your guys channel for a little. Gonna be starting my own grow soon and was feeling more confused each time I research nutrients then when I started haha. I bought some but after doing research I’m gonna return it due to the parent company. As for the humboldt secret nutrients would part A and B just be okay for the whole cycle? Or would I need to buy an additional supplement?

  8. Organics versus synthetics is way more complicated than most people give it credit for. Interestingly enough, a lot of organic stuff is less sustainable like bat guano. Harvesting that hurts cave ecosystems. It's more about flushing out your nutrients than anything in my opinion for flavour anyways, but whatever you use, just try to make sure it's not hard on the environment too.

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