Why Weed Is A Lot Stronger Today

The marijuana that is around today is a lot stronger than it was a few decades ago. What changed since then? Read More: What is THC?


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  3. It's almost like there is nothing to compare it to. You know like another drug that gets sold in various strengths depending on the effects you want. Kinda like if you want to get beer drunk, wine drunk, liquor drunk, or stupid drunk. I mean pot is so much different after all people usually don't black out and do horrible things on weed. But yes we should "be concerned" about our weed becoming to strong while turning a blind eye to tobacco and alcohol. We wouldn't want to hurt their profits by having people choose to relax by using weed instead of a combination of well crafted corporate depressants now would we?

  4. I wish it wasn't so expensive in Australia n plus u can only get CBD oil from the government which I have found that the THC helps me with all my symptoms n helps me keep carm but it was also helping with my short term memory loss which I was born with I have been wanting to help with study's to do with this as I have klinefelter's syndrome n notes it has helped me in ways that r not normal but I found eating it to work so much better smoking it causes me to have more problems with my memory hence y I'm trying to find away to get more oil with THC to help me further still not sure how to go about all of this as I have disabilities n don't understand a lot but if I can find away to help more people with what I was born with I will try

  5. Those low THC levels measured back in the 70s were coming from very large busts, where they hauled in hundreds or even thousands of kilos of Columbian and Mexican brick weed. Many people around the Country smoked low grade brick weed in the 60s and for several decades later. However, by the early to mid 70s in California, brick weed was mostly for beginners. We called it Mersh (Comercial grade), Headache Dust or Mexican Dirt Weed, because it smelled like dirt, ammonia and lawn clippings. Comercial grade brick weed had big stems, seeds, big leaves, male and female plants. Experienced smokers had graduated from Mersh. We sold it to junior high school kids and Freshmen.

    Sophomores and upper classmen were smoking either middle grade weed that was mostly buds, with fewer seeds and stems like, Acapulco Gold, Columbian, Panama Red, Guerrero. Michoacan and Oxacan weed. This weed was much stronger and tastier than Mersh. Some good red or gold Lumbo would get you pretty baked after a few joints and it didn't give you a headache.

    The true Stoners like my high school group, would get by on the mid grade stuff until some good stuff came to town. We would save some of the mid grade and lace it with hash and hash oil, when it came to town. The premium grade stuff was Thai Stick from Thailand (allegedly), Kona Gold, Maui Wowie and Elephant weed from Hawaii. But the best stuff came from Northern California and it was completely seedless. It had names like, Skunk Weed, Norcal Sinsemellia or Sensi. Mendecino Purple Christmas Tree and Eureka Gold. Southern California was known for it's Fallbrook Redhair. We also
    Honey Oil and Black Primo Oil and Hashish from Nepal, Lebanon and Afghanistan.

    There is no way in hell that the Norcal seedless was 12% and the hash and oil was extremely potent. I haven't smoked in many years but the wax that people are dabbing these days, smells exactly like Honey Oil. My brother says that the best stuff we were smoking back in the day is pretty close to the modern weed and the concentrates were more potent and should only be compared to modern concentrates which are a little bit stronger.

    That 3% to 12% shit was strictly for bubble gummers and teeny boppers, who couldn't handle the good shit. It would be like testing beer from the 1920s and claiming that all alcohol from that period was super weak. It's not true. Maybe the brick weed was like drinking light beer, but the good stuff was more like 100 proof whiskey and it would fly you to the moon and back.

  6. Because in the thousands of years that cannabis has been on this planet only the last few dozen have seen a change?
    And lay off the caffeine when making a video.

  7. Way to perpetuate the myth.
    If you grow any of the strains from 20 to 30 years ago properly. You get today's potency levels.

    The plant itself isn't getting any stronger, more people are just getting better at growing it.

    20 years ago, you could grow cannabis just as strong as today's cannabis. I know people who did, I did, Vancouver BC was full of cannabis just as potent. It's been as strong for at least 25 years.

    Idiots read a study, and fail to actually understand it. Go back and read the study again.

  8. I came across an issue of high times from '75 and their list of the best of the best weed of the times. I was thinking if I got this stuff even back in the 90s I'd want my money back. Most of it looked like all leaves…garbage

  9. The "high" is the main medical benefit. without a high it wouldn't help depression nor would it help insomnia the high is a non lethal way to separate yourself from your problems instead of going onto higher class drugs wich will kill you

  10. I think medical marijuana is not strong enough I need something Stronger than 30% THC also the normal in California for THC is on the 20%to25% u rarely find 30%THC weed right now im smokin on some purple fig 27%thc and that was the strongest the club had

  11. I’m fortunate enough that, this medication is available for me where I live. I’ve had 30+ neurosurgeries for brain cancer, and was left with a plethora of chronic pain after I was discharged. Rather than go down the opioid path to relieve my chronic pain, as I had when I was inpatient, with horrible side effects (mainly to my digestion, and the virtual stopping of that process,) and decided to use a more natural remedy, in this case, Medicinal Marijuana, which has the same pain relieving effects, but is prohibitively expensive. Because I’m hindered by my cancer, which has recurred 3 times so far, I’m stuck on the dole for now, which allows me to afford this medication, but, I can’t really do much else. There’s a stigma around this medication, that shouldn’t exist, because, I’ll admit that while some people abuse this system, others use it to remedy their medical conditions. Furthermore, relating to my complications, I have epilepsy, and the Medical Marijuana helps to remedy that. In other words, Legalize, and Regulate.

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