Will it dab? Rick Simpson oil

18 and over for cannabis patients and adults, in this video we see WILL IT DAB? This time will be testing out sum rick Simpson oil.


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  2. Lol dude that dab was pretty big (the real wax not the rso) but yeah that looked about the right texture, just try to eat it or put it on your food for edibles is really good! Stay stoney!

  3. not to be dabbled at all as is 99% thc burning it is wasting the thc maybe try rso with that spray u can put on shatter to make it dabbabke ps u Americans so lucky u don't have to sketch every time u score we did in UK til last week its now the position no matter what Amy u get caught with u don't receive an arrest just a slap on the wrist and sent home they had to do it one way to prove it makes no difference to Amy of people smoking it so basically it's 75% the way there to full legalisation in UK I even watched hoise of lords esrly hoirs of the morning and they suggested a Portugal style approach cos of all the reforms and Jobs given out drug ages toctru risen crime fallen some cleaned up so gotvpeoplecvlesn n others can use whayevwrcwhevervas long as its at home and that's howciy should be here or a smoke at he pub too😩

  4. I just dropped 1/4 g in a pipe,and added a tiny bit of weed on top so it would burn better. Got a really nice head rush after a few hits,and a great high after that, so no complaints at all. Maybe you got some way different shit.

  5. Uhh, a quick Google search will tell you this is a bad idea. You shouldn't dab/smoke RSO because it usually has coconut oil/ and fats that can produce bad stuff in your smoke. Just put a dot or two under your tongue and stop wasting RSO. I should also add that if this video was for education purposes, you should do real research before spreading false info to cannabis patients.

    And to the people saying that all these comments are negative; it's not okay to tell people with medical conditions to do things that could cause harm. This guy is stupid, don't listen to him.

  6. You took the hit waaaaaaaaay too quick. That’s why it caught fire man. Shoulda waited at least 10 seconds. It shouldn’t have cooked on there dude. The second dab you took was good though. Watch someone take a dab on YouTube first.

  7. Back in the day we smoked RSO oil all the time, so yes it can be dabbed! We did what’s called bottle tokes where by you would crack a hole near the base of a glass bottle with a nut or small stone. Once the hole is made use some kind of heating source we used a cigarette with a nice hot ash. Drip a small drop on the end of the cigarette heater and insert into hole and wait until oil burns off filing the bottle. Inhale and enjoy. We also smeared the RSO on rolling papers along with a bit of weed or tobacco. Today I use a puffco peak when dabbing my RSO

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