15 Cents Penny Stock – Profitability Soon – Huge Upside Potential

In this video I will discuss a US based Cannabis Company whose super cheap penny stock is trading near 15 pennies but due to changing cannabis industry …


  1. What do you think about MINE? $ …it's attractive @ .01 cent and the sector it's in… (Revive therapeutics .5$ and Numinous $1.00) they've just mentioned paying off their debt balance On Twitter… do you think there's a real market for mushrooms? do you think they'll be able to turn some profit and get some traction to send the share price up substantially? It seems like they could be good for 20 or 30 cents in the near future

  2. SEC FTC is investigating this pump and dump scheme you have going on! Every stock is "penny" stocks the SEC is stoping trading on many penny stocks just this week because of channels like this. That tea stock was the biggest scam but you continue to scam people from India! While Americans are falling for your scam! It's clear you are pumping random penny stocks to unload on your YouTube viewers! Disgusting behavior!

  3. I’ve been following you since you had 10k or less subs… I wish u would’ve joined your patreon sooner. You’ve always been one of my favorite channels since I first found you 🙂 I’m glad you are getting the recognition you deserve. I’ll be joining the patreon soon. Thank you 👍

  4. I've been unsure about the stock market due to it's volatility, at the same time I still feel it's the right time to make profit cos of the price increase, heard someone speaking of making over $700k from a $180k capital in few months and I'm driven to ask what techniques/skillset is needed to achieve this.

  5. They buy low and then post video to pump it up so they could sell and get out.. you fools will then stay struct holding the stocks in loss. besides SAVA no other stock had a catalyst.. just watch last 20 recommendations and check how many are actually up in price when video was posted.. never heard financial firm buying penny stocks.. ever wondered why only retail traders do penny stocks.. they are classic pump and dump schemes. Do you own deligence this person says he is not a financial advisor.. will you take medical advice from a person who is not a doctor 🤔😕

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