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  1. Sorry Dr Drew the masks aren't going anywhere. Not under a Biden Administration. You already see the writing on the wall that masks will be needed forever. Just listen to the garbage being spewed by CNN. And why? Masks take away the soul and your individuality. It makes you a nothing. It spear heads this idea that the world is a very dangerous, deadly, racist, bigoted, mean place and that the government and the government alone can protect you and that you must do everything the government tells you to do. We are conditioning a whole new generation to fear their neighbor but have full faith in politicians. COVID 19 has given Marxist the tool and the means they prayed for to completely reshape our society. And not for the good.

  2. Funny. Cigarettes are legal, alcohol is legal, triple bacon cheeseburgers are legal.

    Being afraid to see people …..

    So we have a choice but not now. Lol.

    I like Dr Drew but he’s talking about extreme cases. The majority have the flu then move on with life.

    I know nurses and doctors. People come in with fevers and sick.

    They ask what have you taken for the fever.

    Answer: nothing.

    Them: drink fluids, take vitamins, and take Tylenol

  3. Dr Drew can you please teach us how to get our antibodies as high as yours? What do we need to take? Something a lot of us really need to learn. Thank you and Susan for all the support. Stay well.

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