Basic Grow Tent & Indoor Timelapse Grow Tutorial

A complete breakdown of how to build the most basic grow tent possible to grow medicinal CBD rich hemp as well as a time lapse video and step by step guide …


  1. aside from the camera freezing for a week, i liked seeing the mistakes you made and what happened and how to correct. can learn way more from someone screwing it up than showing picture perfect grows everytime, thanks dude

  2. Honestly not a bad video. Nowhere near as bad as i expected. I'd reccomend this to someone thinking about growing for the first time! Like the fact that you noted the big mistakes and how to correct. Love the time lapse, was deff. a good addition to the video. Good job!!

  3. You're going to get little pests from time to time, even in unopened bags of soil. Small bowl of water, with a few drops of dish soap in it at the bottom of the tent will work. Plastic pots works for me, easier to get plants out and cheaper the fabric.

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