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  1. Been on a diet for 14 weeks and I'm about 2 weeks out from my first fight. I increased my calorie deficit a bit so I could make weight and sleeping extra when I can has made a huge difference!

  2. OMG YALL ABUSING OVER THE COUNTER CONGESTION MEDS IS ILLLLLLLEGALLLLLL. Who the fuck would recommend SLEEPING PILLS you know just sleep your life away and ABUSE THIS SHIT. Whatever certification or degree you got, NEEDS TO BE REVOKED YOU ARE A THREAT TO THE PUBLIC

  3. from stims to sleeping pills. smh. hes recommending stuff that will stop your heart and hospitalize you. also, sleep more because if youre sleping, youre not eating, WHAT?! how about sleep more because it cognitively helps with sugar and generlal food cravings. this is rediculous, please, anyone seeing this, go to alan roberts' page and watch his video about this video. it was super educational

  4. Just because it's true (stimulants increase metabolism and suppress appetite) doesn't mean you should do a video on it. This is pretty dangerous information. Many will not understand the context ( this stuff will work but has serious risks involved and can be addictive) and just hear the "take these to burn fat" part.

    I agree with the consensus. Take this video down. It contradicts your overall message about healthy habits and long term success.

  5. The best way to loose weight is diet and exercise. Nothing else. What he it s saying maybe will accelerate the weight loss but it s not worth it because on so many aspects like money spend on supplements.

  6. Thanks for the eating disorder handbook doctor… oh wait you can’t give medical advice. I guarantee most of your followers and viewers have eating disorders. If you can’t manage your relationship with food while awake, you have an eating disorder. A disorder is any behavioral or mental pattern that causes significant distress that or impairment of personal functioning. Your treating a symptom of impaired personal function with food.

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