Cannabis Legalization Kicking Into High Gear: Bob Hoban

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  1. Wait a minute you mean you take are opiates away are pain relievers because of the few who can't seem to take them right and then you want to restrict or access the medical marijuana sounds like somebody's getting paid somewhere by the pharmaceutical companies what a scam meanwhile people are dying and suffering for nothing legalize today stop marijuana prohibition

  2. National legalization of Cannabis (like tomatoes/not taxed) would be a huge financial Boon to put money into economy, millennials put money into student loans & private ownership in homes/housing A Big Boost that would pull the rug out on the
    Central Banks, Wallstreet, &
    Mainstreet Banks (ALL CORRUPTED due to Rothschilds.)
    Bankrupt the Mexican Drug Cartels with American Entrepreneurs/WE CAN DO THIS Hemp & Cannabis was rated in 1932 Popular Mechanics as a $Billion Industry (now How Much?)
    END Cannabis Prohibition Now._#6630507_# google this US Patent Number OWNed BY
    US Government.

  3. Hi Lior, do you know any brokers in Australia that handles TSX shares? I cant seem to find any besides one with the CommonwealthBank. If a crisis does happen and the banks need a bailout will my shares be fine? Thank you

  4. Bread and circus to keep people from complaining about msn fake news and interventionisn. A stoned populace is an easy to control populace. Like Soma or similar depressant.

  5. So people often ask the question why smoke canabis for me it taste the same as a castello blue cheese or a good bitter coffee is gratificational to my taste buds the same can be said for a really good canabis and theirs more variety the term high i have never understood it more a normaliser for me it allows a management of my brain.

  6. Governments are the root of drugs being blood 💰. That's why the War on Drugs. Keep the price high on opioids and cocaine, weed etc. Use the Military as their Corporate Mercenaries to protect their crop.

  7. Once the federal level lets go, it will be less than two years before every single person realizes that they can put a seed in a pot on their back porch. The stuff grows almost anywhere. The prohibition is what is fueling the industry.

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