Cannabis Oil has given me life!

This is how I’ve been healing since March and I have only gotten better. My rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, cysts, nerve damage, herniated disks, …


  1. Hi, I live in Greece. What oil do you recommend that i can order from here in europe.? Someone recommended me their cbd oil the 15% one. I suffer from MS and barely can walk. I don't want to spend 150-200 euro for a 10 ml bottle if it isn't the right kind for me. I'd appreciate any feedback. And i really enjoyed your video. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your story Christie. So happy to hear that CBD oil has helped you. I have MS and would definitely want to give that a try to get rid of my nerve pain, as non of the chemical drugs I am taking are helpful. Don't know why non of my doctors ever told me about it. They know I am in pain and the medications that they prescribe don't help me!! Please let me know how to get the oil. Can I get it in Los Angeles, California? Thanks very much. My best wishes.

  3. tell your truth thank you…Amen..god bless you ..cannabis oil is from god and so is apricot seeds too 1 bitter apricot seed to every 10 pounds of your body weight ..
    i too walk my path alone..i have jesus he has saved me many times ..
    ebay name of seeds Apricot power bitter seeds chew or grind in coffee grinder $13 bucks..put on applesauce or pudding cups after awhile the bitter taste isnt so bad taking by itself ..
    edward griffin the video is world without cancer ..Amen..
    rick simpson said thc oil is best for sure ..its the cure word they look for ..heal is good word to use ….

  4. Christie give knowledge on different herbs and what ailments they can be recommended for! Do not advice the herbs because that is illegal but what ailments herbs are good for! I hope you good health and spirit! As a targeted individual I suffer from a lot of these painful ailments that the doctors could not or would not identify, but it would be nice if I could find herbal solutions!

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