Cannabis Plants "Breathing" – Time Lapse of Growing Marijuana Plants

A timelapse of cannabis plants during day/night cycles show how the plants “get up” every morning and “get ready to go to sleep” right before lights off.


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  2. Nice one mate very nice clip👍 I'm telling you mate I studied your website for months before I started my first grow. I finished it about a month ago…… I did 5 ww x bb in a 1.5m tent with 2 600w cool shades….. spent a lot of cash on my equipment and didn't go cheap on anything apart from the tent but let's face it there all the same really just without a brand but I did make sure I got one with metal poles 😊. Anyway everything went 100% from start to finish barring slight nute burn mid flower but that was remedies within a week thanks to your website. I ended up with a belter of a harvest Which was 31.6 ounces !!!! I topped trained the lot along with 7 weeks veg. All I can say is keep up the work fella your good at what you do and thank you 👍. I'm now on my second grow but jumped right into the deep end 😒. I'm in 20l airpots in coco doing a scrog which is 15m x 1.3m. I'm just coming to end of week 1 in flower and stretch is filling the tent nicely.

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