Cannabis Seed Germination

Kevin Jodrey talks about how he approaches popping beans. We’ll share some video of a few different growers and breeders talking about how they germinate, …


  1. Jus personal trial an error i found that putting em in a black shotglass mostly full of water, putting the seeds in an then covering the shotglass with the bottom half of a soda or beer can covering the shotglass to where the can is touching whatever surface the shotglass is on an then set a heat lamp over the top of the can it got full germination in 2 to 3 days. Im not looking for criticism jus sharing my knowledge from personal experience. 👌

  2. I soak till they sink,then put em in root riot put in warm humid dark environment,is a wee hole in root riot jiffy sometimes have to pull sides apart so seed head pops out,is bit tight sometimes,but this technique has done me well,most say 21c but I've got ma tank up at 30c ambient,you'll notice it sometimes longer than says on the tin,

  3. Good organic compost. Push the seed in 1/3 inch. Have a sprayer full of home-distilled water ready (not deionized battery top-up water, that stuff is contaminated). Just keep faith and don't be shy on the water, so long as it's not swimming, just keep spraying and leave it alone.

  4. Wet a paper towel. I use bounty. Place seed in center. Fold wet paper towel in half. Wait one or 2 days. You got a seed ready for the dirt. Here is the most amazing thing…I never went to collage. Great Pot cast.

  5. Anyone try "winterizing" hard to pop seeds before germination? Toss em in the freezer for day or so then pop em? This is if you don't already keep your seeds in the fridge or freezer. Got that tip from Adam Dunn show. Only tried it once and had 90% success with Mac and only 10% with Mac x skunk. Seeds made in the same run under exact conditions to full term. But I also think that Mac is a bit selective on who it can make viable seeds with?

  6. paper towel and leave in water tricks are terrible ideas. Do a side by side, one where you fart arse around and another with a seed straight in medium.
    You'll see.

  7. 2 TBS. Water
    If we are talking just droplets, prob like 10, but I put a quick dribble of H2O2 in the water. As Kevin, 24-36 hours soak, and about 80-85% of the time I see little tails potentially and if not no worries. But I DO wait for the initial crack of the bean. I also Every cuppy hours, give it a spin, give it a jiggle to keep agitated. I do the tweezers, and I use a lightly packed coco, soaked with #NeptunesHarvest fish+kelp Fert to 1/8 strength and soaked and drained, and the same, I have the soil Hug the bean and use a heat pad and my smallest Q board at like 50 watts, and they come out INCREDIBLY!!!! Knock on Wood!!!!!!
    KEVIN AND PETE U GUYS KICK ASS!!! Ty for everything!!!

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