Cannabis Use in Witchcraft & Spirituality 🤔🧘‍♀️ (My Reasoning)

Time Stamps Why I started smoking again – 1:45 Your relationship with cannabis as a spiritualist – 14:20 Why hard drugs can’t be considered holistic …


  1. I love marijuana for spirituality and for my craft. Marijuana was actually a gateway to spirituality for me. Anytime I smoke even if I am just chilling, I put intentions into my weed, cause why not? Lol! I'm putting intention into everything I do honestly. And i noticed that since it is illegal where I am at I feel like the fear / anxiety that comes with selling it and not wanting to get caught with it ends up being transferred into the weed unintentionally so that's something I make sure to do because I don't need the extra anxiety lol!

    I always take breaks but I know I'm not quitting because it really does help me in all ways. Bur I do honestly want to quit for awhile until I move to a legal state, only because I want to know where I'm getting my shit and what it is that I'm smoking. Right now I just pick up the tree and sometimes people know what they're selling, most times they don't.

    I've been addicted to weed definitely, but through experience and sheer will power I beat that addiction. It took awhile though lol. But yeah I have been codependent on it. Definitely lol. I have seen and experienced the evils but when I look back on who I was, I was the evil lol! It was never really about weed and only about me.

    Weed does help me to connect with my higher self though. Not going to lie. It has improved my quality of life overtime because it does heighten my perception and I get so many downloads when I smoke. I mean, I have seen the evils and the divinity of it and for me its about balance. I will choose to stop smoking and replace that with more exercise, yoga, or something like that. Just putting the effort in to be healthy and balanced. But I also make sure to do those things when I am smoking heavy. Its actually better to exercise then smoke because it does heighten the high.

    To me witchcraft is about intention so if I intend for weed to be a spiritual tool then it is. And that definition is wild because that means crystals, tarot cards, fire, water, etc. can't be spiritual tools and I definitely don't agree with that.

    I see the good in sobriety and I see the good in smoking weed. I will read tarot & do my work when I'm high because like I said it does help me to connect with my higher self and helps to heighten my perception.

    To me spirituality and witchcraft comes down to working with energy, so even in my daily practical life I'm infusing magick and intention into what I'm doing, so even if I am smoking recreationally I still infuse intention into my weed. I do that with alcohol too though.

    You look amazing by the way!!! 😍

  2. I do feel your pain when you describe your job. I was like that for many years and then I discovered my passion in puppetry and sculpture. I understand what it's like to have the conflict of career and spiritual development. I literally abstained from careers and lived with my parents for many years more than I should have because of it.

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