Careers in Cannabis – Christine De La Rosa, The People's Dispensary + Karen Meshkov, FlowerHire

From the Careers in Cannabis Virtual Talent Conference January 28th, 2021. Christine De La Rosa, CEO & Co-Founder of The People’s Dispensary, shares her …


  1. These are great realizations & actions. Thank you for all of these efforts, “blazing” the trail. The men that we are discussing right now, they are going to have kids and these kids are either going to be empathic and “woke” or be just like their dads, (where we are today). & we’ll still have this “Network Gap” These guys in these positions right now are not going to change, like you said “it’s engrained” but we can lay the foundation of care and awareness that diversity and Inclusion actually increases profits, among is the human thing to do. 💗💕💗

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