CBD Miracle!! From Seizure Coma to running in days!! Cannabis Cures!!

SilbyTron before, during and after seizure and the cannabis treatment used to bring her back to better than before. Cannabis Cures more than Cancer.


  1. I don’t understand why you didn’t take her to the vet instead of standing there taking a video of her. Yes, CBD OIL DOES help dogs, but it’s no substitution for good, proper Vetrinary care. In USA and Canada it is illegal to deny pet animals Vetrinary care when they are having a medical emergency. You shouldn’t self diagnose. Sure you got lucky, but sometimes seizures like that can be caused by toxicity or even hypoglycaemia and if the dog is not given high glucose liquid or honey in the dogs mouth when the dog is having that kind of seizure the dog will die within hours to minutes so check the gums, if they are pale you better get your dog to the vet ASAP! Even if they’re not you should still get your dog to the vet in that state! A Vetrinarian would be able to diagnose the type of seizure your dog is having. You got lucky that it helped her and it wasn’t more serious. However you should still go to the vet to determine the cause of her seizures in the first place…

  2. Hello my little dachsund chihuahua mix has been having seizures since she was around 1.5 year old and now she is 4 soon to be 5 and i just bought some cbd oil should i give the cbd oil daily to prevent the seizures and the effect of it or just adminsiter the cbd when she is having the seizure (she seems to get them monthly since december of 2019)

  3. How amazing ,your dog is proof it does work ,most probably makes new networks in brain ,the cbd working with the neuro receptors,should be used on human stroke patients right after stroke to promote the new networkings

  4. I looking for a cure with my dog i try vet meds and herbs i give my evening primrose and ginkgo bilbo to have control his seizures. Vet meds didn’t work made him vomited does your treatment work. Please help if have information

  5. I wanted to share my story in hopes I can help other pet owners that is going through the same nightmare as I was. My litlle chi-weenie now 12 was chronic when it came to having seizures. She would have one at least every couple days and sometimes multiple in one day. Any kind of excitement would send her off. After several visits to the vets and hundreds of dollars in emergency visits they recommended I put her on Bromide. I was so hesitant with the meds as the side effects were absolutely brutal and even on the medication there was no guarantee it would stop them. Feeling frustrated and hopeless and much hesitation I decided to try CBD oil for pets. Its been 3 months now on this oil and only 2 mild seizures so far. Trust me I was counting the days without one. She has had no noticeable side effects. Still is the happy little dog as always just a lot less anxious. I was so happy I decided to carry the completely natural CBD oil. Please trust me I am not trying to sell you or promote my business. This really is a factual story and if you are interested I can send you info. Trust me I know the hell you are going through with your pet as I was and simply just wanted to share my story. Should u decide to go with prescription drugs please be sure to read the side effects before you rush into it. It really is a no brainer.

  6. FYI to all that are reading this, while its important to remain calm for your dog during a seizure you DO NOT want to take your time administering meds when your pet is seizing. The time is ticking and your dog can easily suffer irreversible brain damage. So, I'm not sure what took so long in this video, I'm being careful not to criticize here as I think it is helpful for people to see this….but, its important people know that just because you dog pops out of these most of the time it doesn't mean he isn't suffering brain damage. Immediate treatment to stop the seizure, whether you find CBD or traditional meds like phenobarbital to be your choice, it is critical you not waste time like you see in these videos. Also, any seizure that last more than 5 minutes should be treated as an emergency and rushed to your emergency vet clinic.

  7. My dog is going through this as I type. She had a seizure cluster last night. Today she is completely zoned out and has moved at all. What should be my first step? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

  8. Can you please tell me how much should I give my sons 8yr old Pekingese, he’s 13lbs. I recently bought a 30ml 500mg CBD oil with .1% THC. He has multiple seizures weekly and today he had 3 seizures back to back😣he was crying while seizing which is something he’s never done. His Vet gave him Valium but I noticed he gets depressed and won’t eat. Thank you so much

  9. Trust me the cannabis did not cause your dogs seizures. Get your dog to the vet if you want it to live. The next set of seizures can be fatal as they can turn in to gran mal seizures.

  10. How much did you give her? I have adopted a Staffy and they said at the vet when he was neutered the other day that he had episodes of fits. He is 6 months old i am wondering how much you give her per serving and did you make it with flower?

  11. Does anyone know about dosages for dogs?? I have a 12 lb rat terrier who has cluster events (multiple seizures within 24-48 hrs) They seem to be getting worse as she ages. I am now looking at using CBD oil bc i have heard about the success stories.. The dumb ass vets here in Phx Az refuse to give me "Valium Protocol" bc they think that it will be abused. Even tho they freely give PHENOBARB for seizure dogs! Make sense of that if you can… Phenobarbital is more dangerous than valium!
    Anyway,if anyone can give me an idea of when and how much to administer to my dog,I would really appreciate the help! Thanks 😀

  12. Hello. I was wondering if you are using a tincture or the actual cbd oil (thick black stuff), or a hemp oil one, or did you buy one online just for pets? I've tried researching online but haven't had a lot of luck with personal success stories. Any help with this is greatly appreciated.

  13. our dogs could be twins… my red nose Elmo a 3.5 yearold starting having seizures about a year ago. The vet said it was common between 35 years. You feel so helpless like your watching a family member suffering and maybe dying. Then I found canna-pet and their cbd bisquits. I started with the recommended dosage of 2 a day but then cut it to 1 after weeks with no siezures. Today after 5 straight weeks with zero he had a mid range seizure… going back to recommended dose immediately. CBD WORKS PERIOD.

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