CBD Oil / Energetically Programmed Audio

CBD is an extremely versatile compound The list of its health benefits seems to have no end, and scientists continue to prove that every month with new studies …


  1. If you are open f9r request
    My request is
    Clear root cause of hyperpigmenation on face and body … my face got burn bcz of chemical peel now my body is fair like snow and face is burned like coal ☻ … also Sun protection spf 90 +++ bcz this can only help to heal my face i live where sun is on head almost for 7.5 hours

  2. Maitreya Fields first of all thanks for all these amazing fields. Could you please create one for round cute and pinkish cheeks please. I would be so thankful to you. I am struggling a lot to gain few pounds on face with a glow. 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  3. Thanks Maitreya!. There is “empty” space at the beginning and the end, 20 seconds more or less. Is that ok? This seems different…is that you? ( I apologize for asking)

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