Chinese Python Snake Beans From Small Seedlings Till Harvest and Taste

I grew these for the first time this year. I didn’t know what to expect, so I was a little surprised by how it went. In this video, I’ll show them as they grow, then we will …


  1. I do want to try these sometime in a spot where I can let them go wild, like one of our cattle panel trellises. A homestead channel I enjoy did that last year and the snake beans made quite the visual "tunnel" on the arch. Thanks for sharing your experience with them and giving us a peek at the inside.

  2. I grew up eating them raw. We would split them in halves, use a small spoon to scoop out the inner part (throw away), then, use a small knife to scrape the outer waxy skin. They're delicious with something like hummus! Thank you for another wonderful video!

  3. Really enjoy getting up close footage and experiences of different growing things. So much to consider when planning what to grow…but nice to get to experience more about everything even if you cant add everything youd like. Its all an education and enjoyable. Thanks for taking time to share. How are you managing with the cold snap and whats next?

  4. Hii this is called snake guard in India and after it grows to a medium size that is while its tender you can harvest them and you should scrape off the first layer on the gaurd with a knife by Just scratching on it to reveal the edible gaurd inside and get off from the strong smell of the gaurd then you can clean it, chop it and stir fry it with a pice of butter and Salt and and pepper and also you can add milk if you want and the taste of the final product will be delicious. And you can use it as add on to other vegetables, it is one of our favorite vegetables in some parts of southern India. And one of my personal favourite while its tender the seeds are edible tooo. It will taste the best when its cooked the right way.

  5. Interesting video. With all your videos I would of never of thought you had neighbors that close. You must make great use of your space and get the most out of your harvests. Impressive.

  6. Jim, does the /Chinese Python Snake bean have a similar taste and texture to a summer squash? It's fun growing something different every year, but I've never grown these. I hope you and your sweetheart stay inside where it's warm this weekend! Happy Valentine's Day! ~Margie

  7. Good morning Jim this vegetable people grow in south India its called (pudalangai ) for prepare clean the inside part and scrape the skin like carrot saute with coconut milk or cook like zucchini .need to be cooked before entering

    For growing grow it vertically and prune the planet with two or three main stem for early harvest and for less space.
    To have stright fruit hang a small stone (weight ) on the tip of the fruit when they are four or five inches long.
    Happy gardening

  8. I don't think I would have enough room for them unless I only planted 1 or 2 seeds. They don't sound like they are very flavorful. I make my green beans stir fried in a little olive oil and sesame oil until they are blistered. I then add some sesame seeds and soy sauce. Delicious. Thanks for the video. I always like learning about new and different veggies. Have a great day. No gardening today or tomorrow. It's raining. I feel for you guys up there in all that cold. I'd have to move to Florida lol. Take care and be safe.😄

  9. Everything about this bean looks/seems amazing. The flower really looks great. Thanks for sharing this Jim and have a great weekend. We are going to have a snowy week here,they say we could end up with a foot when all said and done. Stay warm. 👍🏻

  10. Your commentary on the python beans are priceless to me. I just 😆 😆 but I'm so happy that I gave its a go . as a Garner and afarmer we're fearless for trying new thing!! ILOVED your truthfulness of it. That said it's Dose looked Strange for so called Beans 😆
    I also saw bitter melons leaf on the back growning as Well.
    thank much for the video so FUN to watch.

  11. My seed catalogs are too standard, they don't have anything really unique. Thank you for mentioning Baker's Creek. I have heard of them, never ordered from them.

  12. WOW those are some awesome looking snakes. Monster plants no doubt! Never grew any so it was cool to see how they look inside along with the taste test. Thanks for the information. Stay warm as ya can over there and have a great weekend!

  13. Good morning Jim. Melody wouldn't even get close to them let alone eat one. Anything "snake" really freaks her out. 😨 They really have a beautiful flower. I'm not sure what's going on with the ads this morning. Half of them are in Spanish. For some reason it reminds me of growing and eating luffa. Stay well. Best wishes Bob. By the way we have both gotten the first dose.

  14. Thank you for theses awesome videos, good harvest. I am planning them to grow this year .I love them to eat as stir fry & in lentil soups.
    They hold their texture good when cooked as stir fry.

  15. Haha! As a vegan, I have NEVER watched a gardening or veggie taste test video and said, “Eww…why would you eat that?”

    …until now!

    You mentioned you could add it to a salad and I immediately thought I would never disgrace my salad with that!

    Now, I’m going to have to grow it! Thanks a lot!


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