Common Cannabis Nutrient Deficiencies

Common Cannabis Nutrient Deficiencies -Mobile vs Immobile Nutrients Mobile- Can be translocated from older growth to newer tissue which means the …


  1. This is one of the best I've ever seen in eons. So hard finding simplified quality information about this. I wish you prosperity in your future endeavors. Thank you for sharing this valuable guide.

  2. By your pics i have a huge magnesium problem in all of my plants does that mean i e used to much and you say epsom salt is recommended but how do i that dilute into water if so how much or sprinkle some in soil not sure any help from anyone much appreciated

  3. I need help. My plant is 2 months old . It is growing strong ,full of pistols and has started to get frosty. It was a late plant that I had to actually bring inside due to Florida nights getting down into the high 60s. It's 12 inches under a double florescent bulb closet fixture.everything looks great and it seems to be growing at a fast pace but the leaves are very dark green almost blue and looks like plastic. The closet stays about 83 degrees and 45 to 50 humidity. Any help would be appreciated..

  4. Thnx… perfect… one ? tho… how do I stop the necrosis? I applied Epsom salt… they're yellowing than browning within a day… they're flowering but im worried… thnx ahead a time… new sub btw

  5. Awesome video! Straight to the point and very informative and really helped me figure out my issues with my plant so thanks this is really going to help! Also the format was top notch other videos waste time with just looking at a random plant and talking over it this is how you display relevant info correctly!

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