Controlling Terpenes and Cannabinoids in Flower and Extract

Presented At: LabRoots – Cannabis Sciences Virtual Event 2019 Presented By: Markus Roggen, PhD – Founder & CEO, Complex Biotech Discovery Ventures …


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  2. Wow! Nice to see that CO2 being used as a solvent for extraction. It may be a poor-quality solvent W.R.T solute concetration but the fact that it's so clean, easily seperated and relatively unreactive makes is great choice. BOC must love it being used in that way ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. 1: The time of day can make a difference in your coa. 2: The initial reason for drying/curing, is to let the plant dry as slow as possible, but not to the point of causing mold. Itโ€™s to give as much time as possible for the chlorophyll and such to evaporate. This also is a variable in getting your smoke a smoother smoke. 3: Dark glass jars are the best for storage in my opinion. For bulk I do a vac seal method. 3: packing for extracting,,hahaha ok,,,the idea is to pack your cylinder as full as you can and in a way to get the most extracted as possible with the amount of solvent your using, and at an even flow. The closed loop extractors are the best in my opinion. Anyway, powder,,,not going to work well. Hahaha I have stuffed tubes with ground, Oscar chopped, just stuffed tight, powdery, even tried to extract a tube of pure Kief just to see what it would do. Been at this for yrs now. Lol. Dang, I had a bunch more, but forgot already,,,hahaha I wish I was part of that class cause I got way more to add. Hahahaha

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  5. Hard to give this guy any credit when all he has is theories. This is a half assed study with a limited control panel.
    Do you want to risk getting mold on your whole harvest for 20% more terpenes?
    How about comming back with real results based on a latge control panel amd exact info intead of graphs and charts that are generic and based in speculation.

  6. Late comment, but through agonizing trial and error on my own mind I found out that the CBN cannabinoid or amber trichomes are necessary if you want to treat anything mental health related where you need a sedation effect and don't want to interfere with your impulse control. Example: PTSD.

  7. 32:33 "Treat a child with epilipsy with THCA that shouldnt get hight"???But THCA is the pure psychoactive matter of the plant what did I get wrong here?
    If you consume THCA you get super high.33:38 Boiled and cooked?Stop bubbling?Done under vacuum..Not exposed to air!

  8. If a dispensary weighs it dry you will get more cannabis. H2O is heavy. I suggest to invest in some 2-way humidity control packs. I use boveda humid packages, 67 gram 58%.. I put it in a quart mason jar with the cannabis give it 3 days to moisture cannabis. They make moisture meters to put in the jar so you can know when the cannabis is hydrated at best percentage you want 58% to 62% is the best range.

  9. I've had a serious injury that happened in 2008 I've been through a lot I had fallen 20 ft and lost my taste and smell and 3/4 of my hearing and broken my back and I was on serious meds from 2010 thru 2019 I was on 5- oxycodone 30mg and 3 opana 30 mg a day now I quit my meds and now trying to smoke thc for the pain and it sounds crazy but I can't get high anymore and I truly don't know why

  10. How or after 2 week interior growth hydro was told 2 week water only fertilization as to finish then crop upside down how long should I vacuumed package releasing every outher day for air intro or trin mason jar after trimming and pruning what would you dry please email a drying without loosens smell or flavor I can grow troble drying and cureing

  11. A brief history of cannabis and its effects

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