Depression, Anxiety, and Turning Suffering into Compassion

In this episode Breht talks about his struggles with anxiety and depression, and offers words of compassion and comfort to those struggling with mental health …


  1. Thank you for posting this and all the Red Menace stuff! I'll bet a lot of us will relate to this video. It's been booze for me, especially during unemployment/quarantine. Tapering down is so important and also not beating yourself up for relapsing. If you can go from smoking 10 joints per day down to 5 or go from drinking a bottle of whiskey every night to only beer, It's still good progress! I wouldn't advise anyone to go cold turkey on something they've been using for years. I'm an alcoholic and managed to cut out hard liquor…still drink way too much beer but I feel much better and will hopefully live longer and cut down more in the future.

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